Latest Technology and Gadgets in Gardening!

Every year inventive people are coming up with the latest and best gadgets you’ll need for gardening. With these techniques and innovations, now people can keep themselves on the cutting edge of technology.
Let’s have a look at some the latest innovations in gardening.


Influenced from electricity in the last century, today electric mowers are achieving a wider ground in the market as new technologies intensify its presence in the market. Striking design and simplicity to use, in robotic mowers, certainly make a substantial impact on consumers who want to be relieved of the tiring and time-consuming task of mowing lawns.

However, technology does not stop there; progressive discoveries of technologies lead to solar-powered hybrids of lawn mowers which are dynamic and versatile. However significant research needs to be carried out on robotics and solar energy, properly about the product, for proper and reliable functioning.

An average American spends nearly 70 hours a year on lawn care. Couldn’t this time be more fruitfully spent? Why labor in an unvarying drudgery, when we could learn a new hobby and sit back and experience the scent of robotically clipped blades of grass from afar? The machines are coming for our jobs, so we might as well let our future robot overlords polish our lawns before they necessarily send us out there to pasture.


Watering is one of those tasks that a gardener cannot neglect when healthy plants are the goal. Instead of trying to remember to keep the soil moist, special self-watering containers can now take care of this task for you. The planters themselves are stylish and attractive, fitting in virtually on any growing area. They are ideal for holding either flowers or vegetables, and many of them even have an integrated trellis for climbing vegetation.

After filling the container with soil and plants, just fill the self-watering reservoir with water. The tank will release moisture slowly and evenly to keep the ground perfectly moist at all times. Plants will usually thrive when they receive this perfect level of moisture, and you can cross watering off your to-do list. Explore a gardening retail center to find containers in different styles and sizes to fit any space and fulfill any need. Many are available in cedar and metal, and often have additional shelves for storing tools.


Now you can easily decide how and when to water plants by using a plant control. This clever device has a wireless sensor that will keep a record of moisture levels in the soil, as well as a plant’s temperature, fertilizer, and light needs. The sensor will even take the monitoring a step further by sending reports directly to a smartphone or any another mobile device, enabling you to provide the perfect amount of water, light, or fertilizer to the plant.


pexels-photo-179993-minAnyone who has struggled with yard damage from animals or insects will want to know the root cause of the destruction. Well with this garden camera, you can keep an eye on your garden and monitor how your flowers grow or see what critters may be doing to your plants.

Installing a garden camera among the flowers or vegetables will enable you to record all the activity that occurs in the landscape. This camera can take pictures at varying intervals, as frequently as every minute. Situate the camera where it will have a full scope of the area. After reviewing the footage, you might just catch the culprits that are damaging your plants.



owl-175850_640-minPlacing a fake owl in a garden is not a new strategy, however, insects often catch on and stop fearing a decoy that never moves or makes any sound. In contrast, an electronic owl will rest in a landscape to scare off critters that are dangerous for flowers and vegetable beds. This type of owl moves and makes realistic noises in response to individual sensors that detect movements. The owl will turn its head in the direction of the flow and make fearsome noises to scare away little rodents.


If you adore technology and gardening at the same time, then this Flowering App is perfect for you. You just need to attach a little branch shaped gadget in your pots, and when your plants need some affection or attention (or water and feed), it sends a message to your phone.


Fancy a water feature with a difference? However, don’t want to start digging or installing pumps and complex water feature systems? The Lily Rain Chain is a simple but pleasant take on water features, with cup shapes hung down a chain, with holes in it letting rain from the gutters to drip down gently.


If you have not got the time or resources for full CCTV, you can opt for this dummy camera. Because it is solar powered a red light comes on at night, so it looks realistic, but there’s no wiring or complicated installation in this dummy camera.


Smart home technology is not restricted to indoor appliances and devices. Some devices allow a connected lawn irrigation controller that can access local, real-time weather data and use that data to optimize watering for your garden. The plan is based on your location, weather patterns, and vegetation.

If you think that why waste your hard-earned dollars on such a device? According to a survey, homeowners waste almost half of their irrigation water. This smart control system reduces wasted water for an approximate annual savings of $200 on your bills. This device works with your existing irrigation system and substitutes your current controller. You can also use an app to control the irrigation system via a smartphone or tablet.


The battery powered weed trimmer runs quieter than a gas motor without the maintenance or exhaust. Users can easily control the throttle speed, with the flexibility to throttle down when trimming around delicate plants.


Save your time, money And effort with aerator sandals. Aerate your lawns while you walk around. Every step allows air, fertilizer, and water to reach directly to the roots and results in a thicker, healthier, and greener lawn. These aerator sandals open up hard, compacted soil and help your lawn to grow.

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Latest Technology and Gadgets in Gardening!
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