With the increased need for landscaping and garden improvements, it’s safe to consider a heavy and green lawn for your lawn. A manicured lawn is a great place to hold barbecues with friends and family, a pouch to relax while star gazing, drinking a cup of coffee, or watching the moonlit universe. It’s important to choose the kind of mower that would give your yard the best look, considering price range quality and performance.

There are other types of mowers other than self-propelled mowers. For instance, there are electric lawn mowers divided into corded electric mowers and cordless electric lawn mowers. Electric lawn mower reviews reveal the best electric mower brands that make the best electric corded lawn mowers as well as the best electric lawn mowers cordless include;

Self-propelled lawn mowers are a fan favorite because they combine power with ease-of-use. These walker mower can be self-propelled electric lawn mowers or gasoline-powered lawn mowers and all you have to do is walk behind it and gently steer it towards your desired areas. They are among the best rated residential mowers and commercial lawn mowers

Examples of self-propelled lawn mowers include Poulan Pro lawn mower (961420135), John Deere self-propelled lawn mower, Black Max lawn mower, Honda lawn mowers, Sears lawn mowers, John Deere lawn mowers, Ego lawn mowers, Murray lawn mowers, Cub Cadet self-propelled mower (cub cadet sc300hw), Brute lawn mower, Sears self-propelled lawn mowers, Toro (20332, Toro recycler 22 lawn mower, Toro 20333), Troy Bilt (troy bilt tb240, troy bilt tb 230, troy bilt tb200, troy bilt 21 self-propelled mower, tb 230), Lawn Boy lawn mowers, dr mower, Snapper self-propelled lawn mower, and Craftsman self-propelled mower.

So, you are considering getting a walk behind self-propelled lawn mower? Here are the best rated and best-selling according to self-propelled lawn mower reviews

  1. Poulan pro 961420127 PR625Y22RHP Briggs 625ex Side Discharge/Mulch/Bag 3-in-1 Hi Wheel Front Wheel Self Propelled Mower in 22 Inch Deck

The Poulan Pro 22-Inch self-propelled lawn mower is fitted with a 625 Ex 150cc Briggs and Stratton auto choke gas powered engine. Poulan pro 22 has 3-in-1 side discharge, mulching, and bagging capability.

The Poulan pro 22 mower has quick height adjusters that you can adjust to 4 different heights with 9 positions. The front tires are 8 inches while the rear is 12 inches. This gives the Poulan pro 22 mower great stability and maneuverability and proper touch down of its blades. It’s important to know the model number of your Briggs and Stratton engine to ease the process of ordering Poulan Pro mower parts.


  • Quick height adjusters.
  • 22 inch deck push mower.
  • 3 in 1 mulch and discharge capability.


  • It overheats
  • Uneasy to assemble
  1. Green Works 16 inch 40 volts Cordless Lawn Mower AH Battery Included 25322.


The Greenworks 16-inch cordless lawn mower comes with a complete kit, the self-propelled walk behind battery and charger, can work with multiple other yard equipment meaning there is no need to get different batteries for each piece of equipment.

Fitted with a single lever and five position adjustable heights Greenworks cordless mower is also fitted with rear bagging and mulching capability for multiple use makes the Greenworks 16 easy to operate while working. This makes it the best mulching mower in its category

The 16-inch deck of this cordless mower enables you to maneuver through small and medium sized lawns more efficiently. It has 6-inch front wheels and 7-inch rear wheels making Greenworks 16 balanced and is simple to control through the lawn.


  • Suitable for small and medium lawn with its 16 inch deck.
  • Single lever with five adjustable heights.
  • Has rear bagging and mulching capability.
  • Battery system powers multiple tools.
  • Comes with complete kit.


  • Battery performance is unreliable.
  • Suitable for small grass lawns.


3.      Swisher WRBC 11524 Predator Walk Behind Rough Cut Mower 24 Inch


The Swisher WRBC 11524 Predator self-propelled walk-behind lawn mower is an impressive piece of machinery not forgetting the best weed whacker. It has 4 inches height adjustment lever.

The speed is enhanced by a 4-speed transmission mechanism. It has adjustable handle bars with fitted hand controls. The predator WRBC can clear overgrown brush, weeds, sapling among other organic growth. Being a rough cut, this swisher walk behind mower it’s more of a weed eater than a lawn mower

Weed whacker reviews placed this weed eater at the top of its class thanks to its ability to function in reverse mode.


  • Has reverse functionality.
  • Self-propelled walk behind mower.
  • Can adjust up to four inches in height.
  • Has adjustable handle bars fitted with hand controls.
  • Four time speed transmission.


  • Have thin tires
  • Small tank fuel tank for a large machine
  • Doesn’t have a lock differential.


  1. Troy-Bilt WC33 420CC 33 Inch Wide Cut RWD Lawn Mower with Electric Start

The Troy-Bilt WC33 33-inch RWD lawn mower is one of the best zero turn self-propelled lawn mowers on the market. It is an electric easy start lawn mower with 4 rear wheel drive forward speed.

It is a Wide Cut lawn mower with twin blades cutting deck and 4 forward speeds.

This Troy-Bilt self-propelled mower is a rear-wheel drive system making the front wheels zero turn making it convenient as botha  residential and commercial mower. It has 2-in-1 convertible to side discharge and mulch, though the bag is sold separately.

It is the best zero-turn mower in its category capabilities and the best electric self-propelled mower.


  • Easy to start.
  • Offers a wider range twin blade cutting deck.
  • Designed to zero turn to save time.
  • Side discharge and mulching.


  • Control grip is too tough and the spread for the grip is wide
  1. Greenworks 21 inch 13 Amp corded Lawn Mower 25112.

This Greenworks 21-inch self-propelled lawn mower has a 13 powerful amp electric motor delivering enough power to cut through the toughest grass.

The 21 inch deck gets the job done quicker and more efficiently. This corded mower has a 3-in-1 feature providing multiple options for grass clippings from rear bagging, side discharge, and mulching capabilities depending on the user’s preference.  It boasts 7 height adjustment levers.

Rated among the best self-propelled mowers in 2017/2018 reviews.


  • 21 inch deck which is quick and efficient.
  • Powerful electric pump.
  • 7 position adjustment height lever.
  • 3-in-1 features, providing multiple cutting options.
  • Side discharge and mulching capable.


  • It’s said to be a bit underpowered
  1. Snapper 12AVB2A2707 21 Inch Self Propelled Gas Powered Mower

The Snapper self-propelled gas-powered lawn mower is equipped with a no prime, no choke. It is an electric start lawn mower. It is also fitted with G technology that does not require changing the oil, you just need to check and add when necessary.

This self-propelled mower can mulch and side discharge clippings. It has a variable front-wheel drive.

Snapper 21-inch gas-powered self-propelled lawn mower is suitable for small, medium and large lawns. It can tear through hilly, sloppy, and uneven terrains with no issues thanks to its mower tires. It is that much easier to use due to the self-propelled drive system.

You will love the dual lever heights adjustments with six cutting position adjustments based on grass type. The 8-inch front wheel and 11-inch rear wheel enables the gas powered mower to easily maneuver on hilly and uneven terrain.

It comes with adjustable handles and a convenient deck wash-out port to keep the mower clean. Just use a garden horse.


  • Has a ready to start system.
  • No chokes.
  • Convenient oil refilling system.
  • Side mulch discharge
  • Suitable for uneven terrains, small, medium and large terrains.
  • Six adjustable heights.


  • No propulsion around the turns
  • Engine stops once you release the engagement 2625 bar


  1. EGO Power + 20 inch 56 volts Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower


The EGO Power + is a 20-inch self-propelled lawn has an advanced Arc-Lithium rapid battery and rapid charger. It folds compactly, easily, and quickly.

It is convenient for upward storage. You will appreciate that this cordless mower is weather resistant. The batteries take about 30 minutes to recharge and run for approximately 45 minutes without fading. Given the performance rate of this self-propelled mower its top rated and probably among the mowers used by lawn care companies near you


  • Convenient for large lawns.
  • Comes with a rapid charger and advanced lithium battery.
  • Foldable and easy to store, convenient for vertical storage.
  • Quick rechargeable time.


  • Not convenient for bushy and thick lawn.
  1. Ryobi 16 in. 40-Volt Cordless Walk-Behind Lawn Mower – Battery and Charger Not Included

The Ryobi 16-Inch cordless walk-behind lawn mower is in a class of its own. It is fitted with a 40-volt Lithium-ion battery which promises constant power output throughout.

The Ryobi 16-Inch cordless lawn mower parts are sold separately. This way, you can get the best lawn mower parts for you mower without having to settle for a package deal.

This walk behind lawn mower has single lever adjustment mechanism which makes it easy to use. The 16-inch deck offers superior balance and maneuverability.

It is super quiet and the batteries charge for a measly 90 minutes.


  • 16-inch deck is super stable and easy to control
  • Batteries recharge fully within 90 minutes
  • Batteries and charging system sold separately
  • Single lever height-of-cut adjustment system


  • Battery life is short.
  • Cannot handle tough grass.
  1. Yard Force 120Vrx Lithium – Ion Self Propelled 3-IN-1 Mower with Torque –Sense Cutting Control.

Yard Force is a powerful self-propelled lawn mower with a reliable track record. It comes with a complete kit, two batteries, and a fast charging system. Among the best reviewed self-propelled mowers with no hustler mower parts since they are easily to obtain.

Fitted with a brushless motor, this cordless electric lawn mower performs at the same level as a gas engine to cut through all types of grass, brushless motor concept of saving power whenever it’s not needed and boosting with a torque whenever its needed makes this the best self propelled mower.

It boasts 100-minute run-off on a single charge with the two batteries installed. The batteries operates in intervals once one is depleted a sense cutting control system automatically powers the other battery to keep you going.

It also has torque-sensing technology which adjusts the power for thick, dense, or wet grass. It gives out power when needed and saves when not needed to extend the runtime longer. Control is a breeze thanks to a simple control lever on the handle.

It has a self-propelled steel deck including mulching bag and side discharge.


  • Brushless torque engine.
  • Powerful with sense technology for enhancing its performance on dense and heavy lawns
  • Comes with complete kit
  • Has a hundred minute run time
  • Battery performs on interval succession.
  • It’s safer and controllable during operation.
  • Has self-propelled steel.
  • Side discharge and mulching enabled.


  • Suitable for large lawns alone.


  1. WORX WG789 19 Inch 36 Volt Cordless Pacesetter Self Propelled 3-IN-1 Lawn Mower with Removable Battery and Intellicut.


The WORX 19-inch self-propelled lawn mower is fitted with an Intellicut mowing technology. This revolutionary technology adds torque as a pacesetter for the mower when you are cutting through tough bushes and grass.

Its battery runs up to 45 minutes or 12500 square feet per charge. It is a cordless electric lawn mower with removable and rechargeable 36-volt battery. It has adjustable mowing heights from 1.5 to 3.5 inches.


  • Suitable for large lawns.
  • Powerful battery performance with regards to output performance.
  • Has Intellicut technology.
  • Adjustable mowing heights.


  • No reverse feature.
  • They have a limited battery life span.

If your mower breaks down or you just want to know how to sharpen mower blades, visit the best vac shop or the nearest mower shop to get it done. As for buying parts, go to Walmart lawn mower section, home depot lawn mower section, or Costco lawn mower section to get your parts. These stores stock lawn mower parts including mower blades, Oregon mower blades, lawn mower tires and lawn mower oil, lawn mower blade sharpener, a brush mower, Snapper mower parts, Husqvarna mower parts, Craftsman lawn mower parts, Craftsman riding lawn mower parts, Toro lawn mower parts, Troy Bilt lawn mower parts, Hustler lawn mower parts, Bad Boy lawn mower parts, Dixon Lawn mower parts, MTD mower parts, Poulan Pro mower parts, Oregon mower blades, Honda lawn mower parts, John Deere mower parts, Sears lawn mower parts, Lawnmower carburetor, lawn tractor batteries, a sickle bar mower, lawn mower blades, lawn mower tires, riding lawn mower battery, the best lawn tractors, and the best mulching mowers.

Self-propelled lawn mowers are the easiest lawn mowers to work with. They don’t require much effort which means you can mow a large chunk of land without feeling fatigued. As much as ratings and reviews will have an impact on these self-propelled walk behind mowers the best experience is personally getting to choose the best mower for your lawn.







Top rated and best-selling electric corded lawn mowers (FEBRUARY 2018)


Electric lawn mowers are a new trend in the 21st century. Mowing the lawn is quite a challenge to many particularly when using a reel lawn mower. Lucky for us the advancement in technology brought about self-propelled electric lawn mowers that require little effort to operate, unlike the old manual push mowers.


Electric lawn mowers are categorized into two major categories the corded electric lawn mowers and the electric lawn mower cordless.  The cordless electric lawn mowers are highly preferable when working with bigger yards unlike the corded mowers which may require extensions when dealing with bigger terrains.


Before you settle for any type of lawn mower whether push mowers, pull-behind mower or self-propelled mowers you need to consider the best lawn mower brands which have the best lawn mowers for sale. These include:


Honda (Honda hrx217, Honda hrx217vka, Honda hrr216k9vka, Honda hrx217hya, and Honda hrx). Also, if your Honda mower breaks down, you can find a range of Honda mower parts at Walmart lawn mower section, Home depot lawn mowers, or Costco Lawn mowers. The Honda gcv160 lawn mower is a perfect example of the best push lawn mower courtesy of Honda. Honda also features generally cheap mowers which are some of the best riding lawn mowers, best reel mowers, and the best self-propelled mowers.

The Husqvarna brand ranks well in the Husqvarna mower reviews. The best models include Husqvarna lawn mowers, Husqvarna riding mowers, Husqvarna push mowers, and Husqvarna self-propelled mowers. The best-selling Husqvarna mowers are the Husqvarna 7021p, Husqvarna lc121p, Husqvarna hu725awd, and the Husqvarna 7021p. If your Husqvarna mower breaks down, rush to Costco lawn mowers, or Home Depot and get yourself Husqvarna lawns spare parts.

Another top brand with top rated lawn mowers is the Snapper brand. It not only deals with Snapper push mowers but also has Snapper self-propelled lawn mowers. The Snapper mowers make the best cordless lawn mowers on the market.

Troy Bilt has the troy bilt tb240, troy bilt tb 230, troy bilt tb200, troy bilt 21 self-propelled mower, and tb 230

Toro has Toro 20332, Toro recycler 22 lawn mower, and Toro 20333

Consider also the best battery-powered weed eater for trimming the edges and bushes once you are done mowing. The good news is when you get the best battery lawn mower, you can attach or detach your best weed whacker to it. Weed Whacker reviews reveal the best cordless weed eater usually has two or more batteries.


Although people highly prefer gas lawn mowers over the electric lawn mowers, the electric run lawn mowers also have recompenses over the gas mowers. However, the best commercial walk-behind mowers are always gas-powered. The best gas lawn mower can cut through anything and are revered as the most powerful mowers which makes them the best lawn mowers for the money.


The electric run lawnmower engines require little or no lawn maintenance unlike the gas powered, consequently, you need not worry about lawn maintenance near you with the electric mowers.


Some people mostly overlook walk behind lawn mowers when they see a riding lawn mower for sale due to the thought of comfort and little effort. Looking at the bigger picture, the best rated lawn mowers are the walk-behind mowers since you can reach corners and pavements on your yard.


Battery-operated lawn mowers face steep competition from the electric lawn mower. This is because a lawn mower battery requires frequent charging and replacement which may be annoying when working on a large lawn.


There are lots of corded lawn mowers for sale at mower shops. But hunting for the best electric lawn mowers can be daunting. So which are the best battery powered lawn mower and electric lawn mower brands? These are the brands you are likely to find. in the best shop vac or mower shop


Yardman mower

Ryobi electric lawn mower

Craftsman lawn mowers

Worx lawn mower

Grasshopper mower

Murray mowers

MTD mowers

Ego electric lawn mower

Toro (Toro recycler 22)

Electric lawn mower lowes

Lawn boy mowers

Troy bilt mowers

Ariens mowers

Greenworks mowers

Poulan Pro mowers

Brute lawn mower

Honda mowers

Dr mower

Husqvarna mowers

Cub Cadet mowers



Electric mower reviews and the riding lawn mower reviews indicate the best places to buy lawn mower parts are Costco lawn mowers, Walmart lawn mowers, and Home Depot electric lawn mowers section. You will find; lawn mower wheels and lawn mower oil, lawn mower blade sharpener, a brush mower, Snapper mower parts, Husqvarna mower parts, Craftsman lawn mower parts, Craftsman riding lawn mower parts, Toro lawn mower parts, Troy Bilt lawn mower parts, Hustler lawn mower parts, Bad Boy lawn mower parts, Dixon Lawn mower parts, MTD mower parts, Poulan Pro mower parts, Oregon mower blades, Honda lawn mower parts, John Deere mower parts, Sears lawn mower parts, Lawnmower carburetor, lawn tractor batteries, a sickle bar mower, lawn mower blades, lawn mower tires, riding lawn mower battery, the best lawn tractors, and the best mulching mowers.


Below are electric lawnmowers reviews, comprised of the best-selling electric corded mowers in 2018.


  1. Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower with Grass Bag

Measuring 36l X 16 W X 38.5 H, the sun Joe MJ401E is one of the best self-propelled lawn mowers under the department of electric corded walk behind mowers. Electric lawn mower reviews state that it runs on a powerful Briggs and Stratton lawn mower, 12- Amp motor, which can cut any type of grass even St. Augustine toughness.


It has a detachable grass catcher which makes it easy for you to dispose of your clippings.  The cutting heights are designed with 3-position adjustable heights



A detachable grass catcher makes it easy for you to dispose of your clippings

3 adjustable cutting heights give you an advantage of mowing at your desired heights.

12-Amp motor gets the job running efficiently even when covering tough thatch.

No need to worry about lawn maintenance near you, since its maintenance free.


The electric cord limits your movement since you have to keep up with extensions.

It can consume lots of power due to tardiness caused by pushing it around.

  1. Greenworks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25022

The Green works 20-inch 25022 corded lawn mower is one of the best electric mower courtesy of Green works lawn mowers.


It is designed with a 12-amp electric motor that delivers the best result even when handling tough grass. They are fitted with 21-inch blades, made of durable steel that remains sharp for a long time.


This lawn has a 3-In-1 feature which gives you options on how you want your clippings handled. The cutting heights have 7 adjustable positions ranging from 1 1/2-Inch to 3 3/4-Inch suitable for all grass types.


Maneuvering this Greenworks lawn mower is quite easy since it’s equipped with 10 inch wide rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels.





Fitted with 21-Inch blades usually 1 to 2 inches apart that effectively handle tough grass.

It is an automated electric start  push lawn mowers

The cutting height has 7 adjustable heights

It is equipped with lawn mower tires that affluence its motion on uneven terrain.

It is the best cheap lawn mower




If you have a large lawn this type of lawn mower may not be effective, since will consume a lot of time, and energy.



  1. Green works 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25112.

The green works 25112 is the best corded electric lawn mower for you. Run by a powerful 13Amp electric motor and 21inch deck, this Greenworks corded lawn mower makes an efficient cut through even the toughest grass.


The above walk behind lawn mower has a 3-in-1 feature which provides you multiple choices on how to handle your grass clippings.


It is equipped with lawn mower tires 10-inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels that ease its directional. The cutting height has 7 adjustable positions which offer you a range of cutting height selections from 1-3/4-Inch to 3 3/4-Inch.



Equipped with lawn mower tires makes it easy to maneuver the lawn.

A powerful 13-Amp motor gives you perfect result even when handling tough grass.

The cutting range can be adjusted to 7 positions which are perfect for all types of terrain.

Its deck is 21 inches which get the job done within a short span of time.

The 3-In-1 feature gives you options on how you want your grass clippings to be managed


It is a corded lawn mower may limit your terrain coverage

Since it works on direct power, it may inconvenience you in cases where you have power outages.

  1. Green works 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Lawn Mower MO13B00

The MO13B00 courtesy of green works brand is one of the best walk-behind mower. It runs on a 13-Amp electric motor that delivers sufficient power to cut through tough grass.


This mower is equipped with a 21-inch deck made of durable steel that gets the job done efficiently. The cutting height can be adjusted to 7 varying options for the perfect result on all grass types.


It is equipped with wheels measuring 10 inches wide for the rear, and 7 inches for the front wheels that ease movement and maximize stability.



The 3-in-1 feature reduces extra work of dealing with the clippings.

Mower tires ease movement in uneven terrain

Adjustable cutting heights help you to efficiently deal with all grass types.


The cord may cause you a lot of hustle since you have to keep getting extensions.

The high power voltage running the motor may consume lots of power, hence uneconomical.

  1. Green works 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25142

The Green works 25142, is a corded electric zero-turn mower equipped with a durable 16-inch cutting deck. Weighing 56lbs, it runs on a powerful 10-amp motor which commendably cuts through any type of grass.


It has a multi-purpose design with a 2-in-1 feature. It is both a mulching mower and rear bagging mower.


With this mower, you can adjust your cutting heights to 5 varying options from 5/8-Inch to 2-5/8-Inch depending on your aim. Green works can be found in either a green works or a Honda lawn mower store. Controlling this mower on uneven terrain is easy since it’s equipped with 7-Inch rear wheels and 6-inch front wheels.



Equipped with wheels that ease and stabilize its movements.

It is one of the best mulching mowers with bagging capabilities.

5 position cutting height adjustments




Unlike the electric lawn mowers-cordless, this one limits your movement due to the extension length.



  1. BLACK+DECKER EM1500 15-Inch Corded Mower with Edge Max, 10-Amp.



This Black and Decker electric mower which runs on a powerful 10-Amp motor. This low profile designed black max lawn mower has 6 cutting height adjusters’ settings and a grass bag for effective collection of clippings.


Featuring a 15-inch lightweight deck, the EM 1500 has an edge max and a cutting range of 1 to 3 inches. It features an edge max that facilitates edge cutting for a cleaner job.



Inbuilt grass bag for collecting your clippings

6 cutting height adjustments settings allow you to mow effectively.

It is a simplicity mower design since all you have to do is plug it into an electric socket and hit the power button.


Unlike other mowers which have mulching power, this one might be tiresome since you have to keep on emptying the grass bag.



  1. Green Works 25012 12 Amp 2-in-1 Electric Push Lawn Mower with 18″ Cutting Width

Green works 25012 under the category of self-propelled lawn mowers is incomparable to the best manual push mower due to its powerful 18-inch cutting width capacity and an amp that cut through the toughest grass type.


This electric push mower has a 2-in-1 feature with side discharge and mulching power hence no hustle is required to handle your clippings. The cutting heights have 7 adjustments settings from 1-3/4-Inch to 3 3/4-Inch suitable for all types of grass.


It is equipped with a 7-inch rear wheel that allows you to move it around swiftly around uneven terrain.



The Mower parts are available and can be bought easily since green works is a common brand

Powerful 12 Amp is capable of handling all kinds of grass.

The cutting height can be adjusted.

It can be able to slide discharge of mulch the clippings

Equipped Rear wheels that enhance stability and ease movement.


The cutting width is limited to 18 inches, hence lots of time can be consumed before you cover a wide area.


  1. WORX WG719 13 Amp Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower, 19-Inch

The WORKX lawnmower runs on a 13-Amp motor which makes it one of the top-ranked walker mower. The lawn has unique caster wheels with locks that provide maximum stability and support when moving around.


It features a 19-inch steel cutting deck that has a premium mulching power and multiple cutting high adjustments settings. You are also guaranteed comfort thanks to the foam-padded, hand-friendly handles.



Features caster lawn mower wheels that boost flexibility and stability.

Foam-padded handles ensure your hands are not hurt due to

No need to do lots of research on how to start a lawnmower since it is equipped with a simple power push button


The electric energy required is quite high to run a 13-amp motor thus consumes a lot of electricity.

You also require a powerful extension that can handle 13-Amp output which may not be easy to get. The WORKX lawn mower parts can also be found in lawn mowers Walmart or Home Depot lawn mower

  1. Lawn Master MEB1016M 10 Amp, 15-Inch Electric 2-in-1 Mower

The lawn master MEB1016M is one of the best walk-behind lawn mower that runs on a 10-amp motor.  It’s a lightweight mower equipped with a one-touch height adjustment lever that eases the adjustment process.


There is an inbuilt collecting bag with a holding capacity of 10.5 gallons. The lawnmower engine is quiet hence allows you to the lawn at any time without the noise inconvenience.



No carburetor, therefore, no hassle of gas, oil or fumes production hence no need to worry if you have a lawn care companies near you.

One touch adjustment lever makes it easy for you to use

Quite an operation allows you to mow at any given time.

A collecting bag with an indicator makes it easy for you to handle your clippings


Unsuitable extension cords may lead to damaging the motor hence you have to be keen when selecting one.

  1. Black & Decker MM2000 13-Amp Corded Mower, 20″

The Black and Decker MM2000 is a 13-amp electric corded lawn mower with a 20-inch deck. It features 7 height-of-cut settings which can trim grass from 1-1/2 to 4 inches.


You will love the 13-gallon bagging capacity that means no frequent emptying. It is designed with an adjustable handy carrying handle which makes transportation easier.




13-Gallon bagging capacity

7 height-of-cut adjustments

20-inch deck means broader cuts so more work for less time.

It is one of the best cheap lawn mowers.





Height adjustment does not favor shorter people.

Unlike the gas-propelled lawn mowers, you cannot operate when there is no electric energy source

Electric corded mowers are loved for the consistent girth of power that they deliver throughout the mowing session unlike the battery-powered lawn mower . You, however, have to buy enough extension cords to reach every corner of your lawn. If your lawn is small, the electric mower is the best.




A lawn mower uses revolving blades to cut grass to a required height. The lawn mower engine has a 4 cycle engine.

Before the gasoline powered lawn mowers came to be, manual push mowers were all the rage. All you needed was your man-power to propel it. But with the introduction of gas lawn mowers, powering the mower became a tad difficult. Many people were at a loss on how to start a lawn mower. Lucky for us, advancement of science and technology saw the introduction of easier ways to start a mower like the electric start lawn mower.

There are several types of lawn mowers which include; zero turn mowers, push mowers, weed mowers, self propelled mowers, and lawn and garden tractor mowers. According to lawn mower reviews and consumer reports lawn mowers, gasoline mowers are much harder to maintain than battery lawn mowers.

Additionally, electric corded mowers require less maintenance than electric cordless lawn mowers.

Lawn mower maintenance was also found to be one of the most stressful chores for lawn owners.

Below are the types of walk-behind lawn mowers on the market.

Zero turn mowers

Zero turn mowers are best gas lawn mowers on the market. They are more comfortable and they involve the use of levers for mowing. Zero turn lawn mower reviews and lawn tractor reviews place these brands among the top best walk behind mowers.

Here are some lawn mower brands that can be purchased from walmat lawn mower section, Home Depot lawn mower section, or the Costco lawn mower section. The Cub cadet lawn mower, dr mower, dr field and brush mower, dr brush mower, Brush mower, bad boy lawn mower, walker mower, ariens lawn mower. In fact Cub cadet reviews have rated the cub cadet 100hw as the top rated lawn mower in the market.

Riding Lawn Mowers

Riding lawn mowers guarantee comfort since the operator is seated. They are best suited for larger lawns which should range from ½ to 1 acre. The Husqvarna riding mower, though not perfect, it is rated 9.6 and it is the best riding lawn mower 2016.

Other riding mower examples are snapper riding mower, and craftsman riding mower. You can find the best riding lawn mower at the home depot riding lawn mowers section. You will also be able to find lawn mower parts like craftsmans mower parts, riding mower battery, sears lawn mower parts, lawn mower tires, toro mower parts, lawn mower battery, snapper lawn mower parts, mower battery, riding lawn mower battery, troy bilt lawn mower parts, lawn tractor battery and various other. Riding lawn mower reviews indicate the best deals for the best prices pop out of nowhere. Lookout for a riding mower sale or just search best used riding lawn mowers for sale under $500

Push Mowers

Push lawn mowers work similar to other mowers, but rely on human strength to propel, hence making them cheap lawn mowers. The push mower reviews give the best push mower on the market. Typically according to the best push mower 2016 report, push mowers are best suited for yards of at least 500 meters squared. The best push mowers for sale have a wide capacity of 40-48 centimeters and usually have a side discharge.

According to push lawn mower reviews the John Deere push mowers were the best push mower 2017.  Home depot Lawnmowers has the best push mowers for sale. Here are some of the top rated push mowers; yardman push mower, push reel lawn mower, honda push mower, cub cadet 100, cub cadet push mowers, lawnboy mowers, Husqvarna push mower, craftsman push mower, toro push mower, ego mowers, troy bilt push mower, push mower lowes, John deere push mower, Husqvarna lc121p, craftsman 37432, snapper push mower, lawn boy push mower,great states reel mowers, and scotts reel mower.

According to reel mower reviews, the fiskars reel mower is the best manual push mower or the best reel mower in the market. This is because this push reel mower usually comes with a 3year warranty.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Under electric lawn mowers, there are usually Corded electric lawn mowers and Cordless lawn mowers. Electric lawn mowers cordless rely on a power source to draw energy. So as you work, the electric mower must be plugged in at all times. Electric lawn mower reviews indicate the best electric mowers include greenworks 25022 12 amp corded 20-inch lawn mower, black & decker electric lawn mower, ryobi electric lawn mower, ego electric lawn mower, e.g. the ego lm2101, and electric lawn mower lowes.

The best electric lawn mowers can either be electric reel mowers or self-propelled electric mowers depending on your taste. A good example is the ryobi lawn mower which is considered the best self-propelled electric mower on the market.  Just go to Home Depot electric lawn mower section and find the best one for you. Most lawn mowers in home depot have a lithium mower battery that allows them to run for at least for 40 minutes without recharging. A good example is the ego lawn mower.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Cordless mowers are essentially meant for small lawns. They run on a rechargeable mower battery and offer more flexibility than corded electric lawn mowers. They are quite inferior to gasoline powered lawn mowers when mowing large yards. The best cordless lawn mowers have two lawn mower batteries to ensure you don’t run out of power midway. Cordless lawn mower reviews indicate the best cordless lawn mower brands fall in these categories;

  • Lawn Boy mowers
  • Troy Bilt lawn mowers
  • Toro recycler
  • Cub Cadet lawn mower
  • Sickle bar mower
  • Poulan Pro mowers
  • Greenworks lawn mower
  • Grasshopper mower
  • Yardman mowers
  • Subaru lawn mowers
  • Honda (hrrvka, hrx217hya, hrx217vka, hrx, hrx2175vya, hrx217, honda hrr216, honda hrx2175vka, honda hrr2169vla)
  • Black and Decker (lst136w)
  • Husqvarna mowers (husqvarna hu725AWD)
  • Snapper mower
  • Remington lawn mower
  • Bad Boy mowers
  • John Deere lawn mower
  • Sears lawn mower
  • Ariens mower
  • MTD lawn mowers
  • Dr brush mowers
  • Craftsman lawn mowers
  • Murray lawn mowers
  • Ego mowers.


Among these brands you will find the best battery lawn mower in the market.

Self-propelled lawn mowers

Self-propelled mowers are usually larger than the push lawn mowers and are easy to maneuver. Typically the best self-propelled mowers are able to mow lawns with an average square footage of 1000 meters.

It is usually an upgrade from push lawn mowers since it propels itself.  Some of the examples of self-propelled lawn mowers are,

  • Poulan Pro lawn mower (961420135)
  • John Deere self-propelled lawn mower
  • Black Max lawn mower
  • Cub Cadet self-propelled mower (cub cadet sc300hw)
  • Brute lawn mower
  • Sears self-propelled lawn mowers
  • Toro (20332, Toro recycler 22 lawn mower, Toro 20333)
  • Troy Bilt (troy bilt tb240, troy bilt tb 230, troy bilt tb200, troy bilt 21 self-propelled mower, tb 230)
  • Snapper self-propelled lawn mower
  • Craftsman self-propelled mower.

According to self-propelled lawn mowers reviews 2015, the best self-propelled mowers go hand in hand with the best battery powered weed eater or the best cordless weed eater. This is so that once you are done mowing, you can trim your bases and your edges to ensure a neat lawn.

If your lawn mower happens to break down, the Walmart lawn mowers section is the place to get mower parts. These include lawn mower blades, Craftsman lawn mower parts, Hustler mower parts, Husqvarna mower parts, lawn tractor battery, John Deere lawn mower parts, Sears lawn mower, lawn mower lift, lawn mower wheels, Bad Boy mower parts, Dixon mower parts, Oregon mower blades, lawn mower trailer, Craftsman riding lawn mower parts, Pro Poulan lawn mower parts, MTD mower parts, lawn mower trailer, Snapper mower parts, riding lawn mower battery, and lawn mower blade sharpener. Be on the lookout for lawn mower clearance sales to get the best prices.

If you are in the market for a gas-powered lawn mower, check out the top rated and bestselling gas-powered walk-behind lawn mowers

1.      Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

This Troy-Bilt is a self-propelled lawn mower with a 4 cycle cylinder and possesses a Briggs and Stratton engine which has a 163 cc. It also has an overhead valve which improves performance over uneven terrain.

The troy bilt 21 self-propelled lawn mower has a 3-in-1 steel deck, which is the best feature geared towards making this mower an excellent mulching mower. The deck and blades fine-cut grass clippings better than any other mower.

It comes with a bag to collect clippings and also has a side discharge for efficient mowing. Its innovative TriAction Cutting System guarantees clean-cut grass in just one pass.

You will love the ergonomic handle that folds to give a simplified transport and storage mechanism


  • This Troy-Bilt mower has a rake guard that ensures grass is held upright so as that it is cut evenly.
  • Toro lawn mower reviews this Briggs & Stratton lawn mower has an in built ready choke system that guarantees no hard start.
  • Variable drive-speed system helps the operator to mow at his own speed.
  • There is also a dual lever selection which allows precise control of speed.



  • Lack of ball bearings shortens the lifespan of the wheels and axle.
  • The steel deck and light weight plastic used to build it is of poor quality and does not guarantee durability.
  • This Troy Bilt warranty is 1 year


  1. Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Gas 21 in. 4-in-1 Versamow System Lawn Mower with Clip Director and MicroCut Blades 660250

This has a powerful engine system that ensures efficiency in mowing. It has a speed dial that helps you control your speed while mowing.

This Lawn mowers has an average life of 4.7 years and is rated the best lawn mower 2017 with a lawn mower rating of 9.6. It also has a Versamow System that guarantees mulching of grass. With a twin blade micro-cut system it gives ultra- fine clippings for efficient mulching.

The lawn mower self-propelled durability is guaranteed by its nextile material which is rust and corrode resistant. With a 21 inch deck ensures a large amount of lawn is cut.  It possesses a 190 cc engine which is fuel efficient. The Honda lawn mower parts are available on walmart mowers and are usually cheap.


  • The Honda hrx217k5vka has a variable drive and is strong mowing for longer periods.


  • It requires constant adjusting of each wheel separately.


3.      Troy-Bilt TB270ES 159cc 21-Inch FWD Self-Propelled Mower

This electric lawn mower is powered by an OHV engine with a 159cc and unlike other push lawn mowers it has a push button for easy control by the operator. This electric start lawn mower has a 3 in 1 gives 3 options for the operator to choose his/her desired cut while mulching and it is fitted with a 21 inch traction cutting system that ensures an evenly cut grass.

Consumer report 2016 suggests that this electric push mower is essential for smaller yards because it uses a single battery charge hence its battery is durable.


  • With a six unique cutting settings the operator is able to choose his required height.
  • This Toro personal pace mower which is self-propelling and guarantees no fatigue while mowing since you are able to move at your own pace.
  • Its blade is efficient for mowing and it’s durable


  • As usual the toro lawn mowers are a bit expensive and the TroyBilt TB270ES is not an exception; it ranges from 330 dollars and above. The toro lawn mower parts are available at lawn care companies near you


4.      Lawn-Boy 17732 21-Inch 6.5 Gross Torque Kohler XTX OHV, 3-in-1 Discharge Rear Wheel Drive Self Propelled gas Lawn Mower


The lawn Boy lawn mower has a better control on hilly terrain because of its rear wheel drive system. It also possesses a Kohler engine with a 149cc. It also has an electric start and also a cutting system that allows the operator to adjust cutting height easily.


  • The lawn boy mower3 in 1 mulching capability gives you the option to choose how to handle your clippings
  • It has a larger bag capacity that doesn’t need the operator replacing it while mowing.
  • This lawn boy self-propelled mower has a Kohler engine is less noisy unlike other lawn mowers


  • Lack of an automatic choke gives it a poor air flow that might cause trouble when starting.
  • Its durability is compromised since it is made of cheap plastic and it requires an adjustment for it to be fully fledged self-propelling.
  • The front wheels lack the height-adjustment studs.

5.      Husqvarna 961450021 HU800AWDH Honda 190cc 3-in-1 All Wheel Drive 4X4 Hi-Wheel Mower in 22-Inch

The Husqvarna 961450021 HU800AWDH is a battery powered lawn mower has a Honda 4 cycle 190cc engine. It also has a 3 in 1 steel wheel deck which gives you 3 options, namely side discharge, mulch, and bags to manage your clippings. It is rated the best commercial walk behind mower in the market.

It is the best battery powered weed eater and can maneuver on any terrain. This is because  of its 4 by 4 rear hi-wheel. It also has an auto walk self-propelled wheel drive; this ensures you have better control of your mowing. According to lawn mower reviews 2016 the husqvarna lawn mower has a wonderful clean cut on lawns unlike other walk behind mowers


  • The Husqvarna mower is one of the best battery powered lawn mower. It has an engine that is powerful and easy to start and it can last while mowing
  • With a water hose connection it is easy to clean the deck.
  • The engine is self-propelled to guarantee no fatigue to the operator


According to husqvarna mower reviews it is tough to pull backwards and its bag is too low that it is tough mowing on certain terrain.

6.      Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Mower with Auto Choke

The Honda self-propelled mower has a 3-in-1 clipping capability unlike other Honda mowers. It has micro cut capabilities which guarantee ultra-fitting capabilities.

It also has an auto choke that helps in starting the mower. It is the best lawn mower for the money and Comes fitted with two mower blades which guarantee more work in less time.


  • The engine uses less fuel, hence it is cost-effective.
  • This has an easy start usually with a single pull
  • It mows beautifully and doesn’t leave clumps.


  • The drive belt may skip occasionally, when not tightened
  • The auto choke present in this Honda is troublesome, especially for seasoned users
  • Durability is not guaranteed since it has cheaper plastic and of low quality

7.      Poulan Pro 961120134 PR500N21SH Briggs 500ex Side Discharge/Mulch 2-in-1 Hi-Wheel Push Mower in 21-Inch Deck, 11-inch wheels


The PoulanPro is a 500e Briggs and Stratton Lawn mower whose engine is a 140cc ensuring enough power for mowing.

This self propelled push mower has a 2-in-1 cutting design on its deck. This guarantees clean and even mowing. It has better maneuverability, allowing it to mow on any terrain. This is because of its Easy rolling High Rear Wheels.

It is the best cheap lawn mower and it is rated as the best push mower of 2017.


  • It is a great mower. This ensures clippings return to the ground to provide nitrogen to the ground.
  • It is the best mulching mower in the market according to top rated push mowers reviews of 2017.


  • The poulan pro lawn mower oil filler is on the bottom of the engine which is quite troublesome when putting oil.
  • Poulan pro lawn mower reviews have suggested it can cause fatigue over mowing long areas because it is a push mower


8.      Snapper 12AVB2A2707 21 Inch Self Propelled Gas Powered Mower

The Snapper self-propelled lawn mower is equipped with a no prime, no choke, and ready start system. It is also fitted with G technology that does not require changing the oil, you just need to check and add when necessary.

This mower can mulch or side discharge clippings. It has a variable front-wheel drive.

Snapper push mower has a 21-inch gas-powered self-propelled lawn mower which makes it suitable for small, medium and large lawns. It can tear through hilly, sloppy, and uneven terrains with no issues. It is that much easier to use thanks to the self-propelled drive system.

You will love the dual lever heights adjustments that this snapper lawn mower comes with. Furthermore it has six cutting position adjustments which are based on grass type. The 8-inch front wheel and 11-inch rear wheel enables the mower to easily maneuver on hilly and uneven terrain. It comes with adjustable handles and a convenient deck wash-out port to keep the mower clean. Just use a garden horse.


  • Has a ready to start system.
  • No chokes.
  • Convenient oil refilling system.
  • Side mulch discharge
  • Suitable for uneven terrains, small, medium and large terrains.
  • Six adjustable heights.


  • No propulsion around the turns
  • Engine stops once you release the engagement 2625 bar


9.      Husqvarna 7021P 21-Inch 160cc Honda GCV160 Gas Powered 3-N-1 Push Lawn Mower with High Rear Wheels


This Husqvarna self propelled lawn mower has a Honda 160 cc engine which is ideal for small yards. This mulching lawn mower has the ability to increase maneuverability because of its rear wheels which are 12 inches.


  • The engine is powerful and reliable and guarantees excellent quality
  • The Husqvarna 7021 lawn mower has six different height settings that range between 1.5 to 3.5 inches


  • All the body and parts are of low quality except the engine.

10.  Murray 21″ Gas Push Lawn Mower with Side Discharge, Mulching, Rear Bag and Rear High Wheel

This Murray lawn mower is powered by an OHV 550e 140cc Briggs and Stratton engine that helps cutting through thick grass. It has a 3-in-1 deck that helps you choose options, whether to mulch, bag, or using the side-discharge method to manage your clippings.

It maneuvers easily and is ideal for 12 acre yards.


  • It has 6 grass cut height settings to help you choose your required height
  • It is made of lightweight materials and easy to push


  • It is not self-propelling and requires human strength to push it for efficient mowing.
  • Seasoned customers have complained of finding it troublesome to start after a period of use
  • The Murray 21 inch requires the use of an oil funnel to aid in adding oil
  • Seasoned users have complained that Murray Lawn mower parts are not durable and keep falling off.


Choosing the best lawn mower depends on several factors. We have extensively researched to help you find the best rated lawn mower that is pocket friendly. We are confident that, from our list, you will find a gas-powered that satisfies your needs.




Nothing raises curb appeal quite like a well-manicured lawn. Mowing the lawn today is as simple as going outside, making a couple of rounds and voila! Lawn mowers are a must-have for most homes yet very few people actually know their history.

The technology of lawn mowers has not changed much since the first lawn mower. Currently, there are two types of lawn mowers; the Reel Mowers and the Rotary Mowers. The Reel Mower is the original mower. It was invented in 1830 and the world was pretty happy with it until the Rotary Mower was invented in mid-to-late 90s. Though the Rotary Mower is the newer version of the mower, the reel mower still has its appeal.

The Rotary Mowers were invented in the 1970s. The main difference between the two types of mowers lay in the blade mechanism. Rotary mowers have a single blade that rotates on a single vertical axis. The finished product of Rotary Mowers is often bent grass blades rather than cut-clean-off grass blades. The Reel Mower has multiple blades rotating around a single horizontal axis. The finished product of the Reel Mower is immaculately cut grass. Before we go deeper into the workings of the Reel Mower, here is the history.


History of the Reel Mower

Credits: wehuntedthemammoths


The lawnmower is an old piece of technology invented in the 19th century. Prior to lawn mowers, folks used scythes, gardening sheers and/or swing blades to maintain their lawns. This was time-consuming and exhausting and something had to give.

The original lawnmower came into being when Edwin Beard Budding had the brilliant idea to use the technology he saw in a textile mill to create a machine that cut grass. The machine he saw was used to trim the frayed edges of textile after weaving. It used rotating blades to give the textile clean, neat edges. In August 1830, Edwin Beard Budding partnered with a local engineer, John Ferrabee to obtain a British patent and create the first ever lawn mower.

The first lawn mower was a heavy, 19-inches wide piece of machinery made of wrought iron and pushed from behind. This was a great invention especially since it was during the industrial revolution. The continent was making huge strides in technology and therefore menial tasks like mowing needed to be done faster and more effectively.

All the mowers produced in the 19th century were so heavy that they required an animal to pull them around.

The Evolution of the Reel Mower

The technology behind it was simple enough. They basically mounted a bladed reel on an iron frame and added a few levers to transmit the rotation of the wheels to the reel.

The mower had three rollers; the main roller, a rear roller with cast-iron wheels, and the roller between the bladed reel and main roller (middle roller).  The rear roller was the one used to transfer power to the cutting cylinder. The middle roller could be adjusted up and down to determine the height of the finished product, and then the main roller facilitated the actual cutting. The cuttings were propelled into a tray-like collecting box attached to the front of the mower.

After their patent was granted in 1830, Edwin Beard Budding and John Ferrabee decided to allow other companies to produce their product at a fee. Among the companies that benefited from Edwin and John’s shrewdness was the Ransomes of Ipswich who produced their first lawn mower in 1832. Ransomes of Ipswich produces lawn mowers to this day.

The Edwin and John patent expired in the 1850s which saw Thomas Green & Son of Leeds produce the Silens Messor (the silent mower). Thomas Green incorporated a chain to transmit the power from the rear roller to the bladed reel. The result was a lighter, and quiet mower that was consequently expensive.

The first steam-powered lawn mower was patented by James Sumner of Lancashire in 1893. It utilized petroleum as a fuel and took hours to warm up to working conditions.

In the United States, the first human pushed lawn mower was produced by Amariah Hills and patented in 1868. It was revolutionary, lightweight and an instant hit. This mower was the beginning of the end for animal-lugged mowers.

How Does a Reel Mower Work?

The reel mower has several components. Setting the mower in motion is what kick-starts the mowing process. In manual reel mowers, that means the physical pushing of the mower by the user. In gas and electric reel mowers, it means the forward motion propelled by the type of energy used.

Majority of the reel mowers consist of a brush bar, a single axle, a stationary blade, a rear bar of rollers or wheels, and a collecting tray or bag.

When the wheels of the mower begin to turn, the axle spins with them transferring power onto a pair of levers. There is a large-diameter lever and a small-diameter lever. The power goes into the larger lever first then it is transferred to the smaller lever. The smaller lever is what powers the bladed reel. One complete turn of the larger lever elicits several turns from the smaller lever and therefore several turns of the cutting cylinder. This is the reason why even as you push your mower at medium speed, the speed of cutting grass is much faster.

When the mower is set in motion, the brush bar bends the tall blades of grass to ease them into the rotating cylinder at the middle of the mower. The rotating bladed reel or cylinder pushes the grass and severs it against the stationary blade at the rear of the mower. The clippings fall behind the mower where they are collected into a bin or paper.


Types of Reel Lawn Mowers

There are three types of Reel Lawn Mowers; Manual or  Push Reel Lawn Mowers, Electric Reel Lawn Mowers, The Gang Reel Mower, and Gas-powered Reel Lawn Mowers. We will explore each independently.

1.     Manual Reel Lawn Mowers

Credits: thesweethome


Manual reel mowers rely exclusively on the power of the operator. They are also called Push Reel Mowers because all you need to do to get it to work is push. The Push Reel Mower is especially popular because of the environmental benefits. It is very light and storage-efficient since you can just hang it on the wall of your garage. Since it does not use any form of secondary energy, it is quiet and has no emissions. It is also very low maintenance since there are no air filters, gas cans or spark plugs to replace.

The manual reel mower concept is also used in Gang Reel Mowers to accomplish huge jobs without the environmental baggage. Gang Reel Mowers are hauled by tractors or other heavy machinery to mow mostly zoos, golf courses, and certain high-end restaurants.


  • There is no rattling with the use of this mower. It is quiet.
  • They are lightweight and space-efficient.
  • There is no smoke pollution or any pollution of any kind. They are very cul-de-sac friendly.
  • They cut the grass clean-off. There are no broken, bent or torn grass blades which result in quicker healing and fuller stronger lawns.
  • Mowing with the Push Reel Mower will rarely result in yellow, brown or white discoloration of the lawn. Blade shedding, disease, and parasites are mostly caused by broken, bent or torn grass blades.
  • The end result of the Push Reel Mower is hands-down the best.
  • It is a great way to workout.


  • The Manual Reel Lawn Mower is ideally designed for small lawns. If you have large tracts of lawn, using the Push Reel Mower will be exhausting and time-consuming.
  • The Push Reel Mower will give best results on even terrain. Though it can still be used in uneven lawns, it will take much more work and time.
  • The Manual Reel Mower does not work on weeds. Small soft weeds will not pose a challenge, but longer tougher weeds tend to bend and pop-up behind you. If you have weeds on your lawn, as do most people, you will be forced to pull them out by hand. This will eventually pay out because, as your lawn grows back thicker and stronger, the weeds will stop growing back.


2.    The Electric Reel Lawn Mower

Credits: youtube


Electric Reel Lawn Mowers were created for the people who just want to mow without the effort. They are just like the Manual Reel Mower except the power to work the cylinder is electric and all the user needs to do is guide it across the lawn. They come in two versions; the corded and the cordless.

The Corded Electric Reel Mower is usually plugged into an electric power source. Due to the fact that it is tethered, it can only work in an area of approximately 100 to 150 feet from the power source. The user has to be extra careful not to double back on the cord and mow it ending up with a dead lawn mower or an electrocuted user.

The Cordless Electric Reel Mower usually contains a rechargeable battery and that is why it is commonly referred to as the Rechargeable Reel Lawn Mower. This mower, on a full battery, will run for a maximum of 45 minutes. This translates to approximately 5,000 square feet of lawn. The Cordless Electric Reel Mower is also environmentally friendly, lightweight and quiet.

The Electric Reel Lawn Mower is preferred over the manual reel mower because of its ability to cut anything from overgrown weeds to grass and tiny shrubs with the same precision. They have typically 4-10 blades and 16” to 20” width depending on the work it is intended for.

The width of a lawn mower determines the speed with which the mower will work. A 20” width mower works 30 percent faster than a 14” mower.


  • It is lightweight
  • The environmental impact of this mower is negligible
  • It cuts more range of grass with the same precision.
  • It does not require much effort to work
  • It is low maintenance.



  • It is limiting in the length of cord or the battery life
  • It requires regular sharpening of the blades


3.    Gas-Powered Reel Lawn Mowers

Credits: wisegeek


The Gas-Powered Reel Lawn Mowers are similar to their electric counterpart except for a number of aspects. The Gas-powered Reel Lawn Mowers have a combustion engine attached to the top of the rotating cylinder. The engine is filled with gasoline to power the cutting cylinder. All the user has to do is power the mower and guide it across the lawn.

Gas-powered Reel Lawn Mowers have a long way to go as far as being environmentally savvy is concerned. They are bulky, will emit a billow of smoke, and make lots of rattling noise. They are effective though in cutting anything growing on your lawn. They have the same scissor-like precision and top-notch results.

Gas-powered Reel Lawn Mowers are available in push and ride forms.


  • They give great results as far as cutting your grass is concerned.
  • They are easy to use since all you do is power it and effortlessly guide it through your lawn.
  • They cut any type of grass and weeds growing on your lawn with immaculate precision


  • They are prone to causing both noise and gas pollution
  • They are high maintenance since you have to constantly check the air filter, spark plugs and gas cans.
  • They require period sharpening of blades.

Deciding on the kind of Reel Lawn Mower to purchase might be a bit difficult. To help you along, here are the features of the best of each type of Reel Lawn Mower.


The Best Electric Reel Lawn Mowers Features.

  • It works both as an electric Reel Lawn Mower and a Push Reel Lawn Mower. This means that even when the battery is dead, it can still work by human-power.
  • It has a powerful Lithium battery of 25V.
  • A full battery can run for up to an hour.
  • It has an inbuilt overload protection system. This is important to maintain the durability of the product.
  • It gives immaculate results.


The Best Gas-Powered Reel Lawn Mower Features

  • It has a powerful engine
  • It has at least 7-10 blades and adjustable mowing height.
  • It can handle varied terrain with ease
  • It will cut anything with pristine precision.
  • It has an inbuilt grass clippings collector.
  • It is relatively quiet.


Buying Guide for Manual Reel Lawn Mowers

Now that you have decided to go manual, here are a few points to keep in mind as you shop for your manual reel mower.

  • Make sure that the Manual Reel Lawn Mower is the right choice for your lawn. Keep in mind your type of grass and terrain.
  • Check the number of blades and the width of the Manual Reel Mower. If you have a big lawn, you need a wider mower. A 20-inch mower works 30 percent faster than a 14-inch. That being said, a wider mower is also a heavier mower. Don’t fret too much though, the heaviest mower is 50 pounds.
  • If noise is a real issue for you, consider a mower which the rotating cylinder blades don’t come into contact with the stationary blade. This mower will be quieter than its counterpart.
  • Just because manual reel lawn mowers are low maintenance, it does not mean that they are no maintenance at all. Read up on the maintenance routine of various manual mowers before reaching a decision.


Features Found on a Good Reel Mower and How to Pick the Best Reel Lawn Mower

A good Reel Mower should have the following features:

  • To ensure durability, the blades of a good reel mower should be well aligned not to come into contact with the stationary blade. This will prevent friction and wear and tear.
  • Pick a mower that has the Stay-Sharp technology to ensure the blades stay sharp and reduce the need for frequent sharpening
  • The mower should have a compact design to allow the user to mow tight corners and edges.
  • Ensure you pick a mower with an in-built Versa-Cut technology. This revolutionary technology allows the user to mow any type of grass.
  • Your mower should be height adjustable with a range of at least 1-3 inches.
  • It should be lightweight for easy handling and storage.


The Top 5 Reel Lawn Mowers for the Money

We have compiled a list of the top five best and economical reel lawn mowers.

1.     The Great States 415-16 16-Inch Standard Full Feature Push Reel Lawn Mower with T-Style Handle and Heat-Treated Blades

Credits: lawndethatcher


If you have a small lawn, you can easily take care of it using this manual lawn mower. Great States 415-16 is one of the best lawnmowers. It has 5 blades and a 16-inch cutting deck. It weighs 26 pounds.

What we love about it:

  • It has a wide cutting edge which makes it easy and efficient to mow. A wide deck covers more lawn faster than a short one
  • Blades are made from steel and are heat-treated. This makes for neat results, durability and the blades stay sharp for longer.
  • It’s easy to start because it is fitted with four-spider bearing. A simple push gets the cutting reel moving.
  • It is compact and light in weight. 26 pounds is not much to push around for a couple of minutes.
  • Entirely environmentally friendly. It has complete zero emission since it doesn’t use gas or electricity.

What we don’t love:

  • It is challenged by tall grass. Just like many other human-powered reel mowers, it can’t cut grass that is more than 6” tall.
  • You have to make multiple passes to get through dense grass. Regardless of its wider blade and 4-spider-bearing, it has challenges cutting dense grass.
  • It requires regular sharpening compared to other reel mowers.
  • The width between wheels is wider than the cutting reel which is restrictive when mowing tight edges or corners.



2.    American Lawn Mower

Credits: northerntool


Currently, many people with small yards are going green with manual lawn mowers. American Lawn Mower is capable of handling small yards. It had a 14-inch cutting deck ideal for cutting turfgrass. It is as light as the Great States Mower mentioned above and it has a 3-spider bearing. It is also eco-friendly.

What we love about it:

  • The compact design and lightweight make it easy to handle and store.
  • It works best with cool season grasses including Fine Fescues, Rye, and Kentucky bluegrass.
  • The 3-spider ball assemble starts the bladed reel rotating with very little effort.
  • The cutting blade is fitted with elevated impact wheels. The blade is made from steel alloy which stays sharp for longer. Its elevated wheels make it easy to work on varied terrain.
  • It is competitively priced. It is one of the cheapest mowers both at the purchasing point and in overall maintenance cost.


What we don’t love:

  • The width of the cutting reel is not much. This limits it to small yards. Big yards will be energy and time-consuming.
  • It has challenges handling tough grass. Since it is ideal for cold season grass, it will struggle quite a bit when cutting warm-season grass types like Bermuda Grass or St. Augustine Grass.
  • It has limited height options. Its height options only range from ½ to 1 ½” therefore, it’ll be ideal for relatively short grass.
  • It has difficulty cutting wet grass despite the fact that its cutting blade is made of long-lasting alloy steel.


3.    Gardena 4023 15-Inch Silent Push Reel Lawn Mower 380

Credits: amazon


The Gardena 4023 is a cylinder mower that has a standard design. It is very modern and is fitted with a cutting width of 15 inches and very good-quality blades. It is also fitted with no-contact steel blades which makes it relatively quiet while in operation. It is a great product that is sturdy and durable.

What we love about it:

  • It is fun and simple to push. It is lightweight and therefore the user can work for long hours without fatigue.
  • It has a petite design that makes it easy to store even in a small garage.
  • It is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t emit any smoke or anything otherwise harmful to the environment.
  • It is quiet. Having no-contact blades means this mower is considerably quieter than the other lawn mowers.
  • Assembly is not taxing. With the right instructions, it can easily be assembled by almost anyone.
  • It also has adjustable heights and delivers exceptional results.

What we don’t love:

  • It is only ideal for mowing small lawns and areas that are frequently trimmed. If you are dealing with long grass, you’ll be forced to mow the same path severally before achieving the desired results.
  • It is very expensive. Compared to other reel mowers it is not pocket-friendly and hence only a few people will afford it.
  • It is a bit bulky. It might prove quite tiresome when using it for large yards, therefore it only favors people with small yards.
  • It is not ideal for mowing tight corners and edges.


4.    Remington RM 3000 16-Inch Reel Mower

Credits: Amazon


It has an ergonomic handle with a cutting deck of 16”. It is fitted with nine adjustable height positions. It also features five steel blades and weighs 28 pounds. Remington 16” Reel Mower usually comes with a 2-year warranty.

What we love about it:

  • Has a really neat cut. If the grass being cut is not more than 4 inches in length, Remington RM 3000 gives pristine precision. The cutting width is also ideal because doesn’t need to do several runs of the same path.
  • It is cost effective; among the branded and good quality reel mowers, Remington RM 3000 stands out as the most pocket-friendly reel mower.
  • It is easy to maintain. No need to spend time or effort on its maintenance. It also doesn’t need fueling, winterization or breathers that are used to prevent overheating.
  • Environment-friendly: It is eco-friendly since it doesn’t emit any smoke.

What we don’t love:

  • It’s not suitable for de-weeding. Although it has a wide cutting deck and sharp blades it cannot be used for de-weeding.
  • It doesn’t have a grass catcher. This may prove exhausting because the user will have to manually clean up the grass clippings after mowing.


5.    Fiskars 18 Inch Stay-sharp Max Reel Mower

Credits: Fiskars


Fiskars 18-Inch Stay-Sharp Max Reel Mower is one of the popular manual mowers in its category. It has a 17-Inch cutting edge and weighs a whopping 52 pounds. It comes with height positions that range from 1-4 inches with a Stay-Sharp technology that ensures blades stay sharp for longer. It mostly comes with a lifetime warranty.

What we love about it:

  • It is easy to handle. It has an exclusive handle design (loop elongated) that has both parallel and perpendicular sides which allows the pusher to use it as they desire.
  • It has an even and consistent cut quality. If you set it to the right height, it gives you a steady cut quality.
  • Adequate height adjustments. It offers an adequate height adjustment which is between 1-4 inches. However, it works best with a height of 1/3 of the grass.
  • Easy to maintain. All the components of this reel mower have been designed to last long. It does not require much maintenance other than periodic sharpening which can be done once a year, tightening the bolts and nuts, periodic cleaning, and oiling of the joints.

What we don’t love:

  • It is expensive. Compared to other reel lawn mowers, its price is a bit high.
  • Its workings are a tad complex. If you are not well acquainted with its manual and height adjustment requirements, you might not figure out how to get it to cut tough grass.

After doing an in-depth analysis of the top 5 Reel Mowers of 2017, we have come to the conclusion that the Great States 415-16 16-Inch Standard Full Feature Push Reel Lawn Mower with T-Style handle and heat-treated blades is the best mower to go with. Manual Reel Mowers will never be the answer to all the lawn questions but as far as a pocket-friendly, eco-friendly reliable mower is concerned, we will vote for the Great States.

That being said, we thought we could conjure up a sense of nostalgia with one of the oldest Reel Lawn Mowers that continues to function even in this very modern world.


Star: The Original Push Reel Mower

This was discovered in 1830 and it is a very simple one. It features 5-8 blades which are spiral-shaped. These spiral-shaped blades pass by a stationary blade which located at the back of this mower.

What we love about it:

  • It gives a fine, smooth grass surface.
  • It is the simplest design and still functions as required
  • It is easy and safe to use.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to maintain because it doesn’t have an engine.

What we don’t love:

  • Not suitable for mowing large areas.
  • It’s not ideal for mowing in uneven terrain.

Tips on Using your New Push Reel Mower

It is very easy to use and maintain your push reel lawn mower. If done in the right way your mower will serve you for decades. Since there are no tune-ups or oil changes, all you need is listed below:

  • Cleaning the mower after every use: This is done by a narrow cleaning brush that will get between the blades and remove any debris stuck there. You also need a normal brush to clean any other dirty areas.
  • Grease the rotating wheels. For this task, use thick grease of silicon or petroleum base if your mower does not have any oil inlet.
  • Sharpen the blades regularly.


How to Sharpen a Push Reel Mower Blade and How to Tell When it’s Time to Do It

There are several ways of telling if sharpening of the reel blades is necessary. These signs include:

  • They blades don’t give a clean cut finishing on the grass.
  • If you check your schedule and realize it’s been long since you last sharpened them.
  • If the cutting unit produces a lot of noise when using it.
  • You can also check the cutting edges of either the bed knife or the reel. If they appear bent, dull or nicked.
  • When the bed knife appears grooved or rifled, it’s a sign that the blades are blunt.
  • When the reel has “cone shape” it simply tells you it’s time to sharpen it.

How to Sharpen

  • Remove the bed bar assembly from its unit while ensuring that the bed knife is fixed firmly to the bar.
  • Use the sharpening kit to sharpen the blades.
  • It’s very important to ensure the bed knife is not overheating during the procedure. Therefore, it’s wise to remove all the tiny materials every time you pass the grinder over the blade.
  • Reassemble your mower and store it away.


Best Cutting Heights for Popular Kinds of Grass

Different types of grass work best at different heights. It is important to understand the kind of grass you have on your lawn and the height that works best for it. Here is a list of the types of grass and their ideal cutting heights.

  • Bent Grass – ¼ to ¾ inches
  • Buffalo Grass – 2-3 inches
  • Bahia Grass – 2-3 inches
  • Bermuda Grass – ½ to 1 ½ inches
  • Centipede Grass – 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches
  • Rye Grass 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches

Reasons Why a Push Reel Mower is a Great Choice for Lawn Care

Reel Lawn Mowers in general are a great way to maintain your lawn because first and foremost they are eco-friendly. They are quiet and pollution-free and therefore a great way to keep your lawn manicured. Push Reel Lawn Mowers are particularly great because even as they save the environment, they encourage you to break a sweat. Getting a workout while mowing your lawn is a great way to start your day. Here are a couple of more reasons why push reel lawn mowers are the best choice for your lawn.

  • Push Reel Lawn Mowers are super low maintenance. They are cheap at the point of sale as well as in the day-to-day maintenance.
  • Nobody can argue the results obtained with a push reel lawn mower. The scissor-cut of your lawn will ensure your lawn grows thicker and luscious.
  • A reel mower gives a clean cut which produces a natural seal on the grass that is important for protecting the grass from pathogens. Rotary mowers tend to tear, bend and fold the grass blades rather than cut, which might lead to brown patches and shedding. Brown, white and yellow patches are definitely something you do not want to see on your lawn.

Manual Reel Lawn Mowers were the first lawn mowers ever and their legacy still lives. Their design and efficiency are so flawless that it has not changed much in over a century. As folks continue to be more environmentally aware, push reel lawn mowers are making a major come-back. With their pocket-friendly prices and easy maintenance, we reckon that in no time, the use of rotary lawn mowers will be a thing of the past.






















Best Zero Turn Mowers Reviews And Ratings

Best Zero Turn Mowers Reviews And Ratings

Comparison Of The Top 10 Best Rated Zero Turn Mowers For The Money

If you are annoyed by the unwanted grass in your lawn and want to get rid of them without wasting much time and money, Zero turn Lawn Mower is the best choice you should go for. A zero turn lawn mower is a standard riding mower with effectively zero turning radius and can drive much faster than any other conventional lawn mower as it can easily turn inside its footprint. Different brands have their own way to achieve this. If you are planning to buy a zero turn lawn mower, this article will definitely help you choosing the best out of them. In this article we have compared top 10 zero turn lawn mower with their ratings. The ratings are based on quality features, ease to use and general value.

Why should you use Zero Turn Mowers?

 Zero turn lawn mowers help to cut the grass very precisely and close to the ground, eliminating all the obstacles in the grass. This mower does not leave any uncut grass as it spins through a complete 180 degrees. Zero turn lawn mowers are basically used by professional landscape contractors, but can also be easily used for household purpose. It also comes under good budget. If anyone has a love for gardening, it is a pleasure to use. The individual hydraulic powerful wheel –drive mechanism and zero-turn steering offer accurate maneuvering. Hence, it enables our riding mowers especially to rotate or move on their specific axis. Always remember, having a zero-turn radius simply means no grass remains uncut when the machine reaches the grass end.

ImageModel NameRadiusCustomer ReviewsRatingsPrice
husqvarna-967324101-54Husqvarna V-Twin 72454Read Here[star rating="4.5"]$$
poulan-pro-p54zxPoulan P54ZX54Read Here[star rating="4.5"]$
john-deere-gas-zero-turn-riding-mowerJohn Deere Z23542Read Here[star rating="4.5"]$
rzt-cub-cadet-lawn-mowerCub Cadet RZT50Read Here[star rating="5"]$
poulan-pro-p46zxPoulan P46ZX46Read Here[star rating="4.5"]$
swisher-60-riding-mowerSwisher ZTR2760BS60Read Here[star rating="4.5"]$$
ariens-zoom-v-twin-engine-lawn-mowerAriens Zoom 3434Read Here[star rating="4.5"]$
troy-bilt-mustang-46-zero-turn-lawn-mowerTroy-Bilt Mustang46Read Here[star rating="4.5"]$
husqvarna-967323903-zero-turn-radius-mowerHusqvarna 96732390346Read Here[star rating="4.5"]$
toro-timecutter-42inch-zero-radius-lawn-mowerToro TimeCutter42Read Here[star rating="4.5"]$

1. Husqvarna 54″ V-Twin 724 cc – Best Rated Zero Turn Mower

This zero turn lawn mower is 300 lbs or a few lbs heavier. It has a V-Twin 724CC engine. It is called a V engine because of its shape. V-twin engines are a special engine, also known as V engine. Backed by Briggs and Stratton, this powerful engine offeres premium air filtration; high quailty valves with chrome plated, and superior touched bearing surfaces with gigantic cooling fan meant for incredible durability and maintenance free top performance Zero Turn Mowers Review - Husqvarna V-Twin 724 cc Zero Turn Mower, 54 inch.

  • AIR INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY FOR MOWING: Air is usually drawn from main top as well as bottom of cutting deck. Thus, it improves grass lift as well as delivers great cut or performance.
  • REINFORCED CUTTING DECK: The stamped sharp cutting deck can be unbreakable with powerful flat steel bar especially for additional durability and strength on trim side and leading edge. (Z254 shown)
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE TRANSMISSION: Error-free performance especially with no maintenance cost, integrated zero turning innovative transmission.
  • ANTI-SLIP FOOT AREA: The footrest area offers generous non-slip surfaces for safe & convenient use.
  • REAR ENGINE GUARD: The rear guard protects the engine from the impact as well as limits access to hot surfaces for safety.
  • RUGGED CASTERS AND FRAME: The solid frame and innovative casters ensure low chassis flex and durability.
  • ERGONOMIC CONTROL PANEL: The ergonomic designed control panel lets you do everything easily on the fingertips.
  • BUMPER WITH LED HEADLIGHTS: The inbuilt front guard and bumper offer great styling and as well protects the front of the unit. LED headlight is centrally located for better visibility during the dark.
  • CONVENIENT DECK LIFT: The available deck lift mechanism is spring supported for an easy to use operation and thoroughly positioned within easy to access of an operator.
[wpsm_comparison_table id=”1″ class=””]

2. Husqvarna 46″ V-Twin 724 cc – Best zero turn mower for the money

This husqvarna mower has long lasting parts, easy operation and it assures a perfect cut for your lawn every time! Easily cut and beautify your lawn with this fine 46 inches zero turn lawn mower which has a top speed of 6.5 MPH. Effortless operation with multiple speed option provided by the hydro-gear hydrostatic transmission. This mower also comes with an hour meter, user-friendly controls, headlights and a sliding seat. Comfort is the second name of this high-performance ZTR mower. A removable foot pan and an easy access will give your lawn a new look in itself!Best zero turn mower for the money - Husqvarna V-Twin 724 cc z246 review!

You get high standard durability along with 724cc and 23 HP for a smoother operation, and excellent power output. Switch on and off easily with the electric start, as well it comes with easy operation and, multiple speed option; provided by the commercial drive system. This ZTR lawn mower can easily go upto 6.5 mph of speed to clear the lawn. A durable 13-gauge steel is included, with dubal mower blades to offer the best cut possible every time you mow. This mower offers you a choice of 6 cutting height positions ranging from 1.5-4 inches. To enroll the cutting blade, gently pull the switch displayed on the control panel. Quick and easy operation is offered with a 15 inch sliding seat, to controls, hour meter, and headlights for simple service reminders. You can also keep note of service reminders for a regular maintenance schedule.. This Husqvarna mower also offers easy cleaning after mowing by simply removing the foot pan

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”2″ class=””]

3. Poulan Pro 54” Briggs V-Twin Pro 24 HP Cutting Deck – Best Zero Turn Mower

Zero-turn radius 54-inch sharp cutting deck V-twin 24 pro HP p54zx Briggs Poulan pro riding mower. No doubt nothing functions like it i.e. pro. The popular Poulan pro series of machines are powered by a great saga of innovation that started in the year of 1944. Best rated zero turn mowers - Poulan Pro V-Twin Pro 24 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 54-InchThis amazing success saga can be observed in our series of strong riding mowers equipped with innovative technology, chain saws, snow throwers, blowers, trimmers, and yes thrillers. 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines from best leading suppliers make this i.e. Poulan pro and outdoor machine very powerful and durable. Homeowners may depend on these innovative tools to make their lawn look amazing. Poulan pro machine offers the best money-value to modern homeowners in the industry offering the great quality, durability and power that every homeowner wants to grab. Aggressive pricing and features make all units highly useful for homeowners. We are devoted to quality, that’s why we don’t stop with chain saws or tractors. We offer a complete assortment of branded accessories and parts that can cater your specific requirements.

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”3″ class=””]

4. Poulan Pro 46” Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Mower

The innovative Poulan pro with zero turning radiuses, the mowers provide the best in performance, durability and comfort. Remember, the P46ZX is supported by a powerful 22 HP trusted Briggs and Stratton Pro line of engine that also features a powerful 46-inch 2 bladed sharp steel deck, an EZT dual hydrogear drive mechanism, and yes an adjustable sharp cutting height, which could be of 1.5” to 4” in 1/2″ increments. Best zero turn mowers - Poulan Pro V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 46-Inch The machine also includes a powerful nose roller, an innovative hour meter, three antiscalp rollers and easy to operate dual levers especially with comfortable foam padded human hand grips. So, a top speed of about 6mph as well as a 3.5 gallon capacity of fuel tank, this efficient and powerful ZTR can be used to cut about 2.4 acres of land per Pro P46ZX Zero-turn radius Briggs V-Twin professional 22 HP riding mower 46” no hour.

Poulan Pro P46ZX Zero-turn radius Briggs V-Twin professional 22 HP riding mower 46” nothing functions like a pro. The success saga can be observed in our great series of strong riding mowers, tillers, lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws, snow throwers, and blowers. 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines from the renowned Poulan pro series of machines is supported by an incredible saga of innovation that started in the year of 1944.

Moreover, Poulan pro machines represent the great value to modern homeowners in the industry providing the power, durability and quality that every homeowner must expect from us. Aggressive pricing and features can make all units useful to end users. Since we concentrate on quality, our devotion to quality doesn’t stop with simple chain saws or tractors. An assortment of branded accessories and parts are always available for you to cater your specific requirements.

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5. Swisher 27 Hp 60” Best Rated Zero Turn Mower

This swisher 27 HP Zero turn radius mower comes with Briggs & Stratton engine which provides 360 degree full rotation for incredible grass cutting. The latest control system offered by them has over 6 decade of experience, Zero Turn Mowers Review - Swisher 27HP 60-Inch ZTR Mowertechnology and R&D with this ZTR mower and offers super excellent comfort and high control. Swisher promotes top class mower for home and garden that gives incredible maneuvering just like a pro at a very acceptable rate.This Swisher’s zero turn lawn mower includes all the features you need, like a higher power 24 HP engine, with 54 in radius, 11-gauge fabricated cutting deck and high performance 3 Gator mulching blades with welded steel frame.

The deck comes with nice and easy foot rest alloing a rider for comfortable rising of the mower deck. Apart from this, it also offers some great details like a full engine wrap, a compartment for battery, and integrated storage for fenders. It also flaunts a beautiful cup holder, meter, 12-Volt adaptor and a front & rear hitch. It also has, 8 gal fuel capacity for tank & 8 MPH forward and reverse speed. This ZTR mower, is made and designed in the USA, and is currently not available for sale in California state.

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”5″ class=””]

6. John Deere 42” 20-HP Hydrostatic Gas Mower – Best zero turn mower for the money

Best zero turn mower for the money - John Deere Z235 42 Inch 20-HP Hydrostatic Gas Zero-Turn Riding MowerJohn Deere is famous for offering a superior quality, comfort and high performance zero turn lawn mowers. This mower is specially designed for residential clientele, who are looking for exceptional lawn mowing and trimming features. Along with this, it also offers a heavy-duty frame, huge tires and super control to provide the best value for the money on your lawn mower. Most orders process within 3 business days. Product is shipped to your local John Deere Dealer who will professionally inspect and deliver the unit to you within 7-14 business days. On the Delivery, John Deere will train how to operate and maintain this mower. This John Deere branded 20 HP V-twin engine is meant for powerful performance, which comes with cast-iron cylinder liner for long engine life and overhead valves for excellent power and fuel economy. The 42 in. deck provides a smooth underside eventually preventing grass build-up, and for better cut it comes with deep deck design,. Along with this, a wash port is also included for your comfort to clean the underside of the deck. The lawn cut and trim heights reaches from 1 in. to 4 in., in 1/4 in. increments.

For convenient access, a foot platform flips up to the top of mower deck and makes it easy for maintenance and cleaning High back seat, multiple position motion control levers, and adjust tracking in the seat provide added comfort and easy operation Color coded operating controls, standard hour meter, cup holder, and storage compartment are added for operator convenience and comfort Baggers are sold separately.

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”6″ class=””]

7. Cub Cadet 50” 23 HP V-Twin Dual Hydrostatic Gas Zero Turn Mower with Steering Wheel Control

The New Cub Cadet 50 in. 23 HP Kohler Courage zero-turn V-Twin OHV innovative mower features a strong steering wheel especially in place of lap bars; Best rated zero turn mowers - Cub Cadet V-Twin Dual Hydrostatic Gas Zero-Turn Riding Mowerso it’s hurdle-free to learn it and use it. The 50” sharp cutting width assists mow big lands of grass to reduce additional mowing time. Moreover, the heavy-duty innovative double-blade sharp cutting deck is highly rust-proof for durable use. Moreover, the zero-turn radius simply provides accuracy and control while mowing, and the innovative automatic transmission helps you setting your specific pace. Furthermore, while mowing using different speeds, the innovative dual hydrostatic auto transmission offers real zero-turn functionality especially while safeguarding your lawn as well as offering incredible stability. The steering wheel incorporated with Synchro Steer mechanism operate both the rear wheels as well as independently manages back wheels for better tracking, maneuverability, and stability on steep hills and tough terrain.

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”7″ class=””]

8. Toro Timecutter 42” 24.5 Hp V Twin – Best Rated Zero Turn Mower With Smart Speed

Toro TimeCutter Model #SS4250 zero radius tractor is hydrostatic mower which has 24.5 Horse Power at 3,600 RPMs Toro V-Twin engines 708cc. The mowing system has a 42 in. radius with 2-blade and a 4

Best zero turn mowers - Toro Timecutter 42 inch V-Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mowerinch Diameter, with a deck that discharge from with well-planned washout ports. This Toro mower gives 7 different cutting positions ranging from a 1-1/2 in. & 4-1/2 in. This control system which has Smart Speed, lets you have a precise control & convenient maneuvering with different speed ranges like Trim, Tow, & Mow. With highest possible comfort, it comes with an 18 in. extra-tall seat with armrests.

Features like brakes for automatic parking, electric PTO can simply help you operate this mower with an ease. The time meter and a floor mat come standard. For additional pulling attachments, a hitch is a standard offer with this mower.

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”8″ class=””]

9. Ariens Zoom 34″ HP Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin Zero Turn Mower

Just because this Ariens 19hp Kohler 6000 Series riding mower features at the bottom of my top 5 best zero turn Zero Turn Mowers Review - Ariens 19hp Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin 34 inch Zero Turn Lawn Mowermowers list does not mean it is not worth considering. There are plenty of reasons why I decided against a higher rank for this otherwise rather useful, inexpensive zero turn. First and foremost, it happens to be the smallest of all zero turn mowers that I have yet reviewed. With a petite engine of 14.5 HP powering a rather modest 34 inch deck, it is only subjective if I gave it the last spot on my list, although going by riding fun and pure pleasure of driving ZTRs this is my best zero turn mower!

The 14.5 HP is generated from a Briggs & Stratton single cylinder engine and hence it won’t take your usual set of attachments to the back such as a hitch and so fork. It will however take a small rear bag attachment at best. Look at some of the key features of this Ariens 34 inch Zero turn lawn mower and its rating

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”9″ class=””]

10. Troy-Bilt Mustang 46” – Best zero turn mower for the money

This Troy-Bilt 24 Horse Power 46” zero-turn radius Mower gives the extreme performance and lets one mow the lawn easily and swiftly. This model has a strong 24HP Briggs & Stratton Dual Engine, and Twin EZT Transmission, the zero-turn,Best zero turn mower for the money - Troy Bilt 46 Inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower troy-equipped lawn mower can be best choice for bigger lawns and maneuvers easily around several hurdles. Total two transmissions function together in order to move front wheels especially in 2 different directions. On the other hand, rear caster wheels enables mowers to take 360 degree usual turns even without tearing field or landscape for easy mowing and grass trimming. So, great not only saves time but also lessen the areas which was supposed to be trimmed peculiarly after mowing. The powerful Briggs & Stratton V-Twin 24 HS engine is certainly the best choice for hefty duty operation because of the great balance architecture that enables them to function smoother and thus generate great power. The sharp cutting deck is of 46-inch. So, it helps riding mower to perform the job greatly. Remember, the cutting mechanism is architecture for great airflow and thus creates a kind of vacuum that simply lifts grass from greater cut. You may also use 18-inch durable back seat as well as dual suspension powerful springs for your recreational activity especially while mowing. Troy-Bilt providers a three year of warranty as well as lifetime warranty on frame to offer you additional durability that you may ever think of.

[wpsm_comparison_table id=”10″ class=””]
Any machine has their pros and cons. It really depends on how your lawn is set up; your personal choice as well as the geography. One of the components of mowing your lawn is comfort. This is a draw simply because you can make either machine as comfortable as you want. It simply depends on the suspension you choose on your zero turn and the seat. Now obviously if you’re going faster (on a Dixie Chopper, or other zero turn) you’re going to be hitting bumps harder, but that is mostly user controlled. It is recommended that you drive the mower without the blades before you start mowing the lawn.
Elevant the cutting deck and do not turn on the blades until you are well versed with the reverse, forward and turning controls of your mower. Handling these mowers for the first time isn’t a very easy job, it is like learning how to ride a bike. If you give too much pressure on the forward, it’ll move pretty fast so one has to be careful with the operation.
Some Common Questions About Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Answered Below

Are Zero turn lawn mowers only for large areas?
Is this a new technology?
How to stop Zero turn lawn mower?
What is “Zero radius or turn” referring to?
Are there different seat options available for zero turns?
How do I operate zero turn lawn mower in slopes?
Can a zero turn lawn mower allows any attachments?
What mowers come in zero turn?
How long do they last?
Are they only for professionals?
What kind mowers come in zero turn?