A Complete and Thorough Guide of the Top Lawn Mowers for Your Money.

Mowing the lawn has come to be part of our everyday chores. Wherefore, you need a lawn mower that effectively caters to your needs without causing any distress. In this article, we are going to talk about everything there is to know about lawn mowers.

What is a Lawn Mower?

For those who may not know, a lawn mower is a motorized machine for cutting grass. It uses one or multiple blades to give your lawn a clean uniform trim.

Types of Lawn Mowers

Before choosing a lawn mower, there are factors to consider. These include the size of your lawn, the terrain, and the kind of vegetation growing on your lawn. But before we go into that, let’s talk types.

There are three distinct types of lawn mowers; Walk Behind Lawn mowers, Riding lawn mowers, and String Strimmers. We will go into an in-depth analysis of each of the mowers and the things to consider before purchasing each of them.

Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Walk-behind lawn mowers are divided into three categories. They are based on the energy source.

Electric Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Electric walk-behind lawn mowers are ideal for flat lawns. While they are relatively quieter than the other types of lawn mowers and they tend to favor short grass. Some lawn mower brands include Black and Decker electric mower.

Electric walk-behind lawn mowers are divided into two types; corded and cordless.

Corded Electric Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers


Corded electric walk-behind lawn mowers are, as the name suggests, plugged into an energy source. This limits their usage to small lawns. Wherefore, you can only mow as far as the cord can reach-usually from 100-150 feet.

When using a corded lawn mower, always look out for the cord. There have been many cases of users who get shocked after mowing over the cord.

For the savvy users, install a Residual-Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) to keep yourself and your family safe from incidents like shock. Corded electric lawn mowers are much lighter than their cordless counterparts. A good example of a corded lawn mower is The Remington lawn mower.

How to select the perfect corded electric walk-behind lawn mower

These are the factors that determine the best corded electric mower for your lawn.

1.     Ease of Operation

The corded electric walk-behind lawn mower ease-of-use criteria depends on the length of the cord and how well you can manage the cord.

The biggest problem you will face when using the corded electric walk-behind lawn mower is a tangling cord. Here are a few pointers of how to pick and handle your cord for durability and safety.

  • Buy an extension cord. Increasing the height of the extension cord increases the area you can mow. Additionally, look for an extension cord that is specifically designed for lawn mowers.These extension cords are usually heavy-duty, coated with a polymer, fitted with a single socket, and difficult to tangle.
  • Check the gauge of the extension cord to ensure that it matches with the Amps of the mower. Normally, mowers consume from 6-12 Amps of power. Thesmaller the gauge of the cord,the higher the Amps it can carry. Consult an expert before purchasing the extension cord to match the correct gauge to the Amps of your mower. A good extension cord never overheats.
  • Use the provided cord clips to hold your excess cord. Each corded electric mower is fitted with cord clips that are used to hold your cord up and away from the deck.When mowing, the cord should ideally be behind you and as far from the deck as possible. Extra clips can be purchased as needed.
  • After you are done with the lawn, you may notice patches that need redoing. Do not attempt to redo those areas before getting the cord out of the way. Switch off the mower, collect the cord and return the mower to the starting point, then start revisiting the patches. This is a precaution to avoid mowing over the cord.
2.     Deck Size

An important factor to consider when buying a corded electric mower or any mower for that matter is the deck size. Corded electric walk-behind lawn mowers mostly feature decks of 14’-20”.

Keep in mind the wider the deck, the bigger the square footage that is mowed

with every trip. This translates to fewer trips across the lawn.

However, a bigger deck needs more lawn mower blades in order to do the work as effectively as a smaller deck. Check the width and number of blades versus the size of the deck to ensure you get the best value.

3.     Motor Power

Determine the motor power of the mower before purchasing. With most corded electric walk-behind lawn mowers, the number of Amps range from 6-12 Amps.

A powerful motor may be the difference between one trip across the lawn and constantly having to repeat. The higher the Amps, the higher the RPM (number of rotations) of the blades.

With a powerful motor and high RPM, less grass blades and weeds pass through the cracks and emerge uncut. The higher the RPM, the neater the trim.

4.     Height-of-cut Adjustment

Decide, beforehand, the height of grass you will be wanting for your lawn. This decision will determine the kind of corded electric walk-behind lawn mower to look for. Most corded electric walk-behind lawn mowers cut between 1.25”-4” of grass.

Check the height adjustment mechanism to determine if it is easy to use. With pricier models of the corded electric walk-behind lawn mower, there are different lever controls for different height settings. Cheaper models have the same lever for all height settings.

Check the quality of the mechanism as well. For most corded electric mowers, the mechanism is made of plastic which breaks easily. Ensure the quality and efficiency of the height adjustment knobs are topnotch before purchasing the mower.

5.     Maintenance

While corded electric walk-behind lawn mowers are revered for their low maintenance quality, they are not exactly at zero lawn mower maintenance. Owing to the fact that most corded electric mowers are made for residential use and not commercial use, the components used to assemble them are not all high quality.

Companies that manufacture them skimp on quality in favor of lowering the price. However, the corded electric walk-behind lawn mower is still comparatively low maintenance.  All you need to do is occasionally sharpen the blades, spray the motor with a non-stick oil, and replace irrevocably blunt blades.

We recommend that you buy your corded electric mower from a local dealer rather than online. This presents convenience when you need to repair or replace parts and also for purposes of warranty.

6.     Grass clippings Management

When choosing a corded electric walk-behind lawn mower, consider what your preference is as far what to do with the grass clippings after mowing.

Corded electric walk-behind lawn mowers come in two types; the 2-in-1 and the 3-in-1. The 2-in-1 mower features side-expulsion of grass clippings and mulching. The 3-in-1 mower includes side-expulsion, mulching and bagging.

Side-expulsion of grass clippings means that after mowing, you either leave the grass clippings right there or you rake them up and manually put them in garbage bags.

Mulching means distributing the clippings on the lawn as you mow so that they provide manure and protect the dirt against direct sunlight. Mulching is mostly preferred because it provides much needed manure and reduces the amount of watering needed to keep the lawn green.

Bagging involves attaching a bag to the rear of the mower so that the expelled grass clippings can be collected in the bag ready for disposal. This kind of mower makes work so much easier for the user.

Electric mower reviews say that the corded electric walk-behind lawn mower is not ideal for bagging. The best setting for this mower is mulching.

7.     Trim Quality

The quality of the cut is one of the most crucial things to consider when buying a mower. To this end, corded electric walk-behind lawn mowers have certain advantages

  • Consistent power that ensure the mower works at capacity throughout the mowing session
  • Lack of engine vibrations ensure a clean cut rather than the serrated cut experienced with gas motors. A clean cut ensures the grass heals well and regrows heathier and lusher.
  • No batteries ensure you will not end up with a half-done lawn.

Check to ensure that the mower performs at the same level across different height settings. Also, do your research before purchase to see if the quality of output deteriorates with age.

8.     Price

Corded electric walk-behind lawn mowers are usually cheaper than all the other motorized lawn mowers. Other factors that determine the price are the brand names and the additional features.

9.     Storage

If you have expansive space, then storage is not an issue for you but if you have limited space, you need a mower that takes up the least amount of space.

The best electric mowers fold up and stand vertically against the wall. For a tight space, these mowers are the best. However, if you have toddlers or pets running around, it is not advisable to store you mower in that way since it is prone to toppling.

Cordless Electric Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Alternatively, there are cordless electric walk-behind lawn mowers. These lawn mowers are powered by a rechargeable battery. The most common types of cordless mowers can run for 40-60 minutes on a single charge.

Depending on the number of batteries and the voltage, you can gauge if this is the perfect lawn mower for you. Normally, they can have from 1-4 batteries of 18V, 24V, or 36V.

The more batteries the mower has, the more acreage you will cover. However, as the lawn mower batteries increase, so does the weight.

How to choose the best Cordless Lawn Mower

The perfect battery-powered lawn mower rests on several factors.

1.     Ease of Use

When buying a cordless electric walk-behind lawn mower, you need to focus on the ease-of-use. This is mainly determined by the battery life, how easy it or difficult it is to recharge and discharge the lawn mower battery, and the weight of the mower. Make sure all of these factors fall within acceptable standards for you and anyone else who will be using the mower.

  1. Type of Battery

The mower battery is the most important feature in a cordless electric walk-behind lawn mower.The most common batteries installed are 18V, 24V, and 36V.

There are several types of batteries used In cordless electric walk-behind lawn mowers. These include Lithium-ion (Li-ion), Lead-Acid (PbA), Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH), and Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd).

Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries are the most commonly used batteries. They are lightweight because Lithium is the lightest metal with the highest electrochemical potential and power density. They possess a larger power output compared to the other batteries and take a shorter time to recharge.

Lead-Acid (PbA) batteries are more common in riding mowers and big machinery. They are the best in retaining power and have the longest life cycles. However, they are not suitable for machines like lawn mowers due to the fact that they never reach full voltage and have the potential to create dangerous gases.

Nickel-metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries have dependable power density and are completely eco-friendly. However, they do not perform well under pressure and deteriorate fast. Even though they are used in some lawn mowers, they are not the best choice for the job.

Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd)batteries are loved for their reliability in even in high pressure environments. They are quiet and possess a life cycle of about 1000-1500 cycles. The only quirk is that they need to be completely flat before recharging in order to maintain the power density.

Of all the above battery types, Li-ion and Ni-Cd are the most commonly used in lawn mowers. The best electric lawn mowers are powered by Lithium-ion batteries.

3.     Trim Quality

It is important to keep in the mind the height and quality of trim you want for your lawn. The trim and quality are determined by the type of grass, the terrain, frequency of mowing, and the type of cordless electric walk-behind mower you choose.

Tough grass like Bermuda or Zoysia looks better with a longer trim than its softer counterparts. Also, the terrain plays a major role in determining the trim quality. Note that rough terrain are more taxing tothe batteries which means if you have rough terrain you may have to change the battery midway.

4.     Height Adjustment

In order to get the best battery lawn mower, check out the height adjustment settings. Some mowers have a single lever for all adjustments and others have a different lever for each. A single lever is so much easier to adjust than multiple settings.

Cheaper mowers have 1-2 adjustment levels. If you have a small lawn with soft grass, you can efficiently use this kind of mower. But if your lawn is bumpy or has tough grass, spring for a mower with multiple height adjustments.

5.     Price

Prices of cordless electric walk-behind lawn mowers are varied. The price depends on the battery power, the size of the deck, the brand, and other features.If you have a large lawn, consider a pricier cordless electric mower with more features and a stronger battery.

6.     Design

The design of the cordless electric walk-behind lawn mower you plan on buying is important. There are mowers that are sold as a kit with everything including a battery. There are others that are sold separately which is an advantage. With this type of mower, you get to choose the type of battery and charger you want.

7.     Power Boost Feature

Look out for a mower with the power boost feature. This feature provides “Power” and “Quiet” options. The power button cranks up the power when you are tackling long grass or challenging terrain. The quiet option runs the mower on a low, battery-saving setting for smooth lawns and soft grass.

8.     Battery Gauge Display

The best battery powered lawn mowers have a battery gauge display. Some cordless electric walk-behind lawn mowers have a display to show you how much battery power is remaining. This way, you can tell how much power is needed to mow your lawn and adjust accordingly.

Gas-Powered Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Gas-powered walk-behind lawn mowers are the most powerful of the walk-behind lawn mowers. They are fitted with a gas or petrol engine that runs the motor.

Gas-powered walk-behind mowers work best for large lawns. This is because they don’t have the restrictions that electric lawn mowers do. They do not have a cord or a battery that can run out at any moment.

The gas-powered lawn mowers are usually started by manually pulling a starter rope. This is a major downer for people, especially the ones who don’t have the muscle power to pull crank the start.

So, what if you, like 99% of the population, hate yanking that rope? Consider installing an electric starter. An electric start push mower usually comes with an inbuilt battery.

An electric starter starts and stops the mower by the push of a button.  This feature is important especially if you want to stop the mower without turning off the motor. Suppose you spot an obstacle or need to empty the debris bag, you will not have to stress about the restarting the engine.

Better still, some gas-powered walk-behind lawn mowers can automatically recharge the starter battery as they run-much like a car does. This voids the need to manually recharge the battery.

If your lawn is bumpy and challenging, then this is the perfect lawn mower for you. However, you may need to do a bit more maintenance work compared to the other lawn mowers.

With modern technology, gas-powered walk-behind lawn mowers now come with a speed-control right next to the handle bar. This control setting is adjustable to fit your preference. If the mower is moving a tad too fast for you, you can reduce the speed to a comfortable level.

Gas-powered lawn mowers require oil change, replacement of the spark plug, and air filter. Be prepared, as well, for the noise and air pollution that comes with the use of this type of lawn mower.

Three types of gas-powered lawn mowers; push, self-propelled, and wide area.

Gas-powered Push Walk-behind Lawn Mowers

Gas-powered push walk-behind lawn mowers are usually smaller than the self-propelled push mowers. They are fitted with a 2-stroke power engine which makes them lighter and easy to push across the lawn.

However, the 2-stroke engine is quite messy. The fuel must be mixed with a special oil for lubrication. The oil burns together with the fuel which makes the emissions and the noise worse.

Fuel combustion is not efficient due to the oil additives. Noise levels are also higher than the 4-stroke engine. This engine requires more maintenance but it is longer lasting.

How to pick the perfect gas-powered push walk-behind lawn mower.

Below are the most important factors to consider when buying a gas-powered push walk-behind lawn mower.


The most crucial thing in a gas-powered lawn mower is the engine. All engines on a gas-powered lawn mower are a single-cylinder engines. Whether it is a 2-stroke engine or a 4-stroke engine, make sure to get the best for your mower.

Consider the horse power of the engine. Usually, lawn mower engines produce from 1.5-6.75 KiloWatts of power. The higher the power, the higher the RPMs and therefore the closer the trim.

Type of Start

Most gas-powered push walk-behind lawn mowers start with a rip cord. When you yank the ripcord, the engine recoils and cold starts the engine. This method requires muscle strength. Remember to open the choke so the engine can fill up with a mixture of air and fuel. Once the engine runs for a while close the choke.

Other versions of the gas-powered push walk-behind lawn mower are started by an electric start button. This method is as easy as on and off. However, when the mower sits for too long without being fired up, the start button may not work. Insist on a mower that has both the start button and the rip cord.

Due to the risk of accidental starts with the electric start button, there are lawn mowers fitted with an electric key start. This feature is safer than the electric start button. The motor does not start until the key is in the ignition and has been turned.

Ease of use
When buying a gas-powered push walk-behind lawn mower, consider the ease-of-use. For starters, make sure that the mower is light enough for you to push it around the lawn. Find a mower that is easy to assemble and do light day-to-day maintenance.

Any mower that uses fuel requires quite a bit of maintenance. The engine requires an oil change, replacement of the spark plugs, cleaning the air filters, sharpening the blades, de-clogging the gas lines, and the occasional engine overhaul.Consider the amount of maintenance that will be needed to own this mower. 2-stroke engines require more maintenance than 4-stroke engines.

Trim Quality
Gas-powered lawn mowers have the most powerful trims of all the other mowers. The best gas lawn mowers provide a quality trim depending on the type of grass you have. It is capable of cutting any type of grass on any terrain.

Height Adjustment
Most of the cheap gas-powered push walk-behind lawn mowers have 3-4 height adjustments. Some mowers are fitted with single lever for all the lawn mower tires while others have a separate bar for each tire. Opt for one that has a single lever because it is easy to adjust. If you have tough grass, spring for a high-end mower with 7 adjustment settings.

No matter what your budget is, there is going to be a gas-powered push walk-behind lawn mower that fits your budget. The buying cost plus maintenance cost will determine the true cost of the lawn mower.

Gas-powered self-propelled walk-behind lawn mowers

If your lawn is anywhere in the vicinity of ¾ acres, then you need a gas-powered self-propelled walk-behind lawn mower. The best self-propelled mower does not require any energy to navigate it across the lawn. All you need to do is slightly nudge it towards the right direction.

Self-propelled gas lawn mowers are at the top rated lawn mowers. They will mow any grass in any terrain without much hustle.

How to pick the perfect gas-powered self-propelled walk-behind lawn mower

  1. Ease-of-use

When we say ease of use, we are referring to several things. These include the ease of starting the engine, the ease of assembling the mower, ease of maneuvering, and ease of adjusting to different cutting heights among others. It is imperative that you explore these factors and master how to perform them before bringing the mower home with you.

  1. Starting mechanism

The best self-propelled lawn mower has an easy start system. There is the typical rip cord method that consists of yanking the rip cord until the engine revs to life. You can research how to start a lawn mower to get the hang of it.

A simpler twist to the old rip cord method is the Automatic choke system that does all the preparations in the engine before you choke start. With priming and choking eliminated, the engine starts with a single pull.

Alternatively, you can use the Primer start mechanism that gives the same results as the Automatic choke system. It fills the engine with the exact amount of fuel and oxygen mixture so that the engine starts with the first yank of the cord.

You can also use the ReadyStart system from Briggs and Stratton which guarantees No Prime, No choke, No problem. This system ensures the engine starts easily with only one pull of the cord.

  1. Height-of-cut Adjustment

The gas-powered self-propelled walk-behind lawn mowers have height-of-cut adjustment levers for raising or lowering the height of the tires. Some mowers have 3-4 levels while high-end ones have up to 7 levels. If you want an easy experience when adjusting the height, find a mower that has a single lever for all the tires rather than a different lever for each tire.

The height-of-cut is also determined by the type of grass you have. Tough grass like Bermuda or Zoysia look better longer than the softer grasses like Bentgrass.

  1. Grass clippings management

Before buying your gas-powered self-propelled walk-behind lawn mower, consider your preferred method of managing the grass clippings. These mowers come with bagging, mulching of side discharging mechanisms for handling the clippings.

If you would like to mulch, the mower is equipped with special mulching blades that cut the grass into tiny pieces and redistributes it on the lawn. Amulching lawn mower adds nitrogen and phosphorous into the soil saving you a quarter of the fertilizer cost.

If you prefer bagging, you will have a choice of rear or side bagging. Side bagging is perfect for mowers that discharge clippings form the sides. The rear bagging system is the more common method and it is perfect for cutting in tight spaces and around obstacles.

There are gas-powered self-propelled walk-behind lawn mowers that have a leave handling mechanism. They can suck up leaves and other debris with the same efficiency as the best shop vac. If you have trees in your lawn, you may be interested in having this feature in your mower.

  1. Maintenance

Since it is a gas-powered mower, there will be some maintenance work needed to keep the mower working optimally. Change the oil, replace the spark plugs, clean the air filters and the gas lines, sharpening the blunt lawn mower blades, and annually doing a whole lawn mower engine overhaul. Consider getting a lawn mower blade sharpener.

  1. Front-wheel Drive or Rear-wheel Drive

Gas-powered self-propelled walk-behind lawn mowers come in either front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive systems.

  • Front-Wheel Drive

The front-wheel drive uses the traction on the front wheels to propel forward. If you are considering buying a front-wheel drive, self-propelled lawn mower for your lawn, consider the terrain. A good example of a front-wheel drive mower is The Black Max lawn mower.

They work better on a decline rather than an incline. Of course, if your lawn is flat, you have nothing to worry about. But if you have an incline, there is a possibility that as the incline gets steeper, your front lawn mower wheels will lose their grip. This will considerably reduce the effectiveness of the mower.

Additionally, if the clip-collection bag is on the rear, or if you lightly put your weight on the handle, the front-wheel drive will lose traction. This, from the weight of the bag or as a result of you pushing down on the handle.

If you are mowing on a decline, the front wheels stay firmly on the ground and mowing goes on without a glitch.

  • Rear-Wheel Drive

The rear-wheel drive depend on the rear pair of wheels to propel forward.

The rear-wheel drive lawn mower is a much better choice for people with bumpy lawns. The rear wheels maintain traction whether on an incline or decline which makes for a good mowing experience.

You will, however, require a bag when using the rear-wheel drive lawn mower. Rear-wheel drive lawn mowers do not work well with mulched grass or when grass clippings are left where they fell. Traction will be compromised and so will the results.

  • All-Wheel Drive

These lawn mowers operate much the same way 4-wheel drive cars do. They rely on all four wheels to move forward.

All-wheel drive lawn mowers are the best of the self-propelled walk-behind lawn mowers. They handle the roughest terrain without much nudging. Needless to say, they are also pricier. Lawn boy owers are the best all-wheel drive mowers.

  1. Speed Control

Most gas-powered self-propelled walk-behind lawn mowers have a speed adjustment feature. . The speed is often pre-set but can be adjusted to fit your preference. A good example is the Toro personal pace mower.

If you are mowing tall, tough grass, on rough terrain, or the mower is just a bit too brisk for your taste, you can adjust the speed to a lower setting. This will allow you to mow confidently and award you better results.

Reel mowers

Reel mowers, also called cylinder mowers or manual lawn mowers have the crown in all simplicity mowers. They have no engine or motor of any kind and exclusively rely on the user to propel and cut the grass.

Cylinder mowers or push reel lawn mowers have an axis, a primary horizontal blade, and several other blades that spin around the primary blade. These blades force the grass against the primary blade and produce the cleanest and most healthy cut of all other mowers. You can find out how to sharpen mower blades so you can do it yourself (DIY).

The whole cutting system resembles a cylinder and hence the name. The force created by the user who pushes the mower across the lawn transfers to several levers that multiply each wheel spin into several blade spins. The faster you push the mower, the more RPM (rotations per minute) you get at the axis.

Reel mowers are quiet, they have zero emissions, and are easy to maintain. They, however, require you to have stamina. They are cheap lawn mowers e.g. The Great States reel mower.

Cylinder mowers are popular with people who have small lawns, who love to work-out, and who don’t want to spend much on a mower. Reel mower reviews say that if you have a big lawn,it is probably not a good idea to get a push mower.

Also, if your lawn is uneven, or you don’t want to keep up with the maintenance, consider a different type of mower. The lawns mowed by this mower belong to people who keep up with the maintenance of the lawn. The grass should not be let to grow too long or the weeds to fester otherwise the reel mower will not be much help.

The normal range of cutting width in these mowers is 10”- 16”. The top rated push mowers are the tractor reel mowers. They usually cut short grass from 1 ¾ – 2 ½ inches.

How to pick the perfect reel mower

  1. Number of Blades

When choosing the best manual push mower, consider the number of blades you would like. Reel mowers have 4, 5, or 7 blades. Of course, 7 blades are better than 4 but base your selection on the type of grass you have.

Bermuda grass needs 7 blades because of the toughness of the grass. Soft grass like Fescue will work just fine with 5 blades.

  1. Width of the blades

The width of the blades means the difference between going for 10 rounds and going for 6 rounds. Reel mower blades have a width of between 14-20 inches. The best reel mower has 20” blades that mow significantly faster than a 14” mower.

Needless to say, wider reel mowers cost more than their slimmer counterparts. A good example of a manual 20-inch mower is the Scotts reel mower.

  1. Weight

Considering all the bestpush mowers run on is human power, weight is a grave thing to ponder when buying a reel mower. Fewer bladed reel mowers are lighter than the ones with more blades. However, the heaviest reel mowers weigh 50 lbs which is not really heavy.

  1. Height adjustment

Reel mowers work best with short grass. If you have the habit of letting your grass grow tall, then a reel mower won’t be the ideal mower for you. Try different heights for different types of grass to get the best height for your lawn.

Afterwards, always mow the grass when the height is just right to get the best results.

Top 5 Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Snapper P2185020 / 7800980 HI VAC
(Editor’s Choice)
Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Gas 21 in
(Editor’s Choice)
Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower
(Editor’s Choice)
Poulan Pro 961420127 PR625Y22RHP Briggs
(Editor’s Choice)
Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless
(Editor’s Choice)

Top 5 Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

1.    Snapper P2185020 / 7800980 HI VAC 190cc 3-N-1 Rear Wheel Drive Variable Speed Self Propelled Lawn Mower with 21-Inch Deck and Ready Start System and 7 Position Height-of-Cut

This is definitely the best lawn mower for the money. The snapper push mower is an adjustable speed self-propelled lawn mower that allows you to adjust the speed to a comfy pace you like as you use the disk drive transmission.

The Snapper self-propelled lawn mower is equipped with a 3-in 1 capable side bag that allows you to discharge the mulch or fi in bags meant to collect the clippings. There is a Hi VAC deck which is meant to efficiently cut and suck up grass clippings.

You can adjust the 7 height-of-cut with the inbuilt adjustments handles that can be changed from 1.25 Inches to 4 Inches.

Starting this mower up is very easy as it has a professional engine (it’s a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower), which are 850 series engines with a ready to start system that only require you to pull and go. Push mower reviews rate this mower as the best in its category.

Key features: Adjustable height cut-offs that can be adjusted from 1.25 inches to 4 inches. 3- in 1 feature that allows you to side dispose of your mulch, and bag collections. Bring and Stratton 850 series engine that has an automated tart up system An automated system that makes it self-propelled. Rear wheel drives and Hi VAC deck that helps to cut and suck up grass.

2.    Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Gas 21 in. 4-in-1 Versamow System Lawn Mower with Clip Director and MicroCut Blades 660250

This is the best cheap lawn mower. Honda HRX2117K5VKA features a 21 inchdeck made of NeXite. The fabric make (Nexite) is a top grade textile that does not get damaged when exposed to the elements. It does not rust or corrode.

This mower is easy to operate as it has an automated system. Its speed can be easily adjusted by manipulating by rotating the speed adjustment dial then engaging the select drive control for suitable speed control.

There is a revolutionary versamow system which sanctions you to choose whatever you want to be done to your grass and plants. The options are mulch, bagging or discharge.

The above mower has exclusive twin blade micro-cut system which cuts off your grass finely which is best for mulching and clippings.This is the best mulching mower in this category.

It is fitted with an empowered GCV190 engines which are easy to start and run and fuel economic.

Key Features: Powerful GCV190 engines that are easy to start and fuel proficient The mower features a 21 on Deck designed with NeXite. Elevated speed settings Easy start system Revolutionary versamow system Double blade micro-cut system


3.    Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower

Fiskars reel mower is a self-propelled, walk behind lawn mower which is 60% easier to push. It was rated the best push mower.

There are inset wheels designed to make the blades flexibly extend across the mower hence the cut is done neatly with no strips and edges left out.

The grass chutes are adjustable and can be positioned in secure ways, like facing away from your feet.It features a tough inertialDrive reel that has a high cutting power for all types of grass and plants.

Cut height can be adjusted according to the desired width due to the presence of inset-wheels. It weighs 51.7 pounds and has dimensions of 24 x 23.5 x 14.2 inches. This is a comfortable size that’s easy to push and maneuver.

Key Features: Weighs 51. pounds and measures 24 x23.5 x 14.2 inches Inertia drive reel Adjustable grass chutes Human-powered walk behind lawn, which doesn’t require gas, oil or charging. Sharp blades, with reversible grass chute that can be adjusted

4.    Poulan Pro 961420127 PR625Y22RHP Briggs 625ex Side Discharge/Mulch/Bag 3-in-1 Hi-Wheel Front Wheel Self Propelled Mower in 22-Inch Deck

ThisPoulan Pro mower runs on a 625 ex 150cc Briggs and Stratton auto choke engine with 12-inch rear wheels that enhance its maneuverability and work power. It is equipped with 22-inch deck push mower for ease while moving it around.

It comes fitted with a 3-in 1 side set that allows you to discharge clippings from the sides, mulch,or attach a bag to collect the offcuts. Its height can be adjusted due to the presence of 4 quick height adjusters that have 9 positions.

Key Features: Runs on a 625x 150 cc brings and Stratton engine. 3- In 1 feature for side dispose , bag collection, and mulching. Inbuilt 22-inch deck push mower for easy movement. Quick height adjusters with 9 positions inclusive.

5.    Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower 25302

Greenworks Twin Force is an easy to push cordless mower with 10-inch rear and 7-inch front wheels for easy pushing and moving around as you cut grass.The twin blades and automated battery system switchover makes it very economical and saves power.

It is runs using a battery system, with both a 4 AH battery, 2 AH battery and a charger to power up the batteries for complete efficiency.

The heights can be adjusted from 4-8 inches and it also has a single- lever 5 position that allows you to comfortably maneuver the mow at your comfort. This lawn mower is a multi-purpose as it’s able to handle both rear bag and mulch functions

Key Features: Twin blades measuring 10 inches that allow your work to be done within a short time. The height can be adjusted from 1-3 inches, 5 position adjustments capability on a single-lever. Runs on batteries that are set to run on the switchover topull power automatically.

Who Make the Best Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers?

1.    Craftsman lawn mowers

  • Craftsman self-propelled mower, 37432

2.    Sears lawn mowers

3.    Black & Decker lawn mower

  • Black & Decker LST136W

4.    EGO mower

  • EGO electric lawn mower

5.    Murray lawn mower

6.    Snapper lawn mower

7.    Poulan Pro lawn mower

  • PoulanPro 961420135

8.    Worx lawn mower

9.    Hustler lawn mower

10.  MTD lawn mower

11.  Yardman lawn mower

12.  Dr. Field and Brush mower

13.  Husqvarna lawn mower

  • Husqvarna 7021p
  • Husqvarna lC121p
  • Husqvarna HU725AWD

14.  Cub Cadet lawn mower

  • cub cadet push mower, SC300HW

15.  John Deere lawn mower

  • John Deere sickle bar mower

16.  RYOBI lawn mower

  • Subaru lawn mower

17.  Toro lawn mower

  • Toro Recycler 22
  • Toro 20333 lawn mower


The riding lawn mower is a type of mower whereby the operator is seated. It resembles a tractor and are suitable for large lawns.

One benefit of using a ride lawn mower over any other mowers is the ability to mount other devices on it. Some of the devices include fork lift tines, yard vacuums or rototillers. This is usually efficient in using the mower for other tasks.

The best riding lawn mower is outstanding in the way the choke lever and speed controlling buttons are located next to the steering wheel. The choke temporarily restricts airflow to the carburetor so that more fuel can enter the cylinder.

The height of the cut grass depends more on the design of the mower and can be adjusted by the operator to the needed height. Most riding lawn mowers use multiple rotating horizontal blades.

A majority of riding lawn mowers also have an opening in the rear or side of the housing so as to expel grass. Other mowers are fitted with grass catcher attachment which helps in collecting grass clippings.

Though expensive, some riding lawn mowers have heavy steel fitted on their decks for durability unlike the cheaper models which have plastic fitted on them.

Some of the lawn mowers are fitted with new cutting edge technology such that when the seat is empty the engine automatically switches off or when the brake pads are stepped on it automatically reverses.

The riding lawn mower battery can fail to ignite or when the engine or runproperly. The most likely cause is a defective spark plug or a clogged carburetor which needs to be cleaned or replaced in some cases.

They are rated the most comfortable by riding mower reviews.

Riding lawn mowers are classified into three distinct categories; the lawn and garden tractor, the zero turn lawn mower, and rear engine riding mowers.

Lawn and Garden Tractor Reviews.

Lawn and Garden tractors are indispensable in a home with a yard. In addition to mowing, these pull-behind mowers can be used to till, tow anything from dethatchers to snow plows, and dethatching just to mention a few.

So when you are considering a purchase, don’t just think of mowing, think of all the other things a lawn and garden tractor can do.

The Lawn Tractor

Lawn tractors are gasoline mowers. They have the ability to cut grass 2 or 3 times faster than push mowers. This makes them suitable for larger lawns.

In Comparison to ZTR they offer a better traction while giving a more even cut. Models that use hydrostatic transmission are better suited for plows and other tool attachments like a lawn mower trailer.

The best lawn tractors are powered by a 4 cycle engine. The engine runs the transmission and drive wheels while rotating the cutting blades. The four cycle engine runs on gasoline unlike other types of lawn mowers that are powered by batteries or electricity.

The lawn tractors have the ability to mow large lawns. Most lawn tractors mow 54 inches or more by a single pass.They also have the ability to side discharge the clippings from the opening or simply bag them. Zero turn reviews say they are the easiest mowers to drive and steer since they use a similar mechanism to that of a car.

The more expensive and better models have a comfortable high back seat that makes it easy to engage the blades while adjusting the cutting height.

The lawn tractor mowers are rated the most expensive but also the best value for money by lawn tractor reviews.

How to pick the perfect lawn tractor

When having more than one acre of grass a lawn tractor will be ideal for the job. Here are the factors to consider before buying a lawn tractor

1.     Landscape needs

Landscape determines which lawn tractor is best suited for your property. The size and slope of your property governs which model to choose. If your property has obstacles such as trees then the zero turn mower will be the best because of its ability to maneuver around obstacles.

2.     Ability to check fuel

This is very essential because with a lawn tractor it is vital to keep checking the amount of lawn mower oil remaining while mowing as well as the lawn tractor battery.

A few models have introduced a link between your smartphone and the machine through Bluetooth. It is essential to check maintenance and also order parts from the company.

3.     Easy mode changes

Tractors with all-purpose blade are good compared to those that require changing blades to determine which mode to use when mowing grass. Also ability to contain a bag is a plus since there will be no need of collecting grass after mowing.

4.     Comfort

Since lawn tractors mow over a large piece of property typically around 2 acres, comfort will be key. Some mowers come with a comfortable back seat which is ideal for the job.

Garden Tractors

Garden tractors are much like lawn tractors but they are slightly bigger and are built for heavy-duty tasks. They are a good commercial investment because they give a level mow. They also have the ability to be fitted with other gardening attachments hence making it a versatile machine.

Owing to their heavy build, garden tractors are best suited for uneven terrain though they are less flexible than their lawn tractor counterparts. Accessories such as brooms can be added thereby offering a full service. Grass blades are easily replaceable and with this it ensures top quality cuts every time.

How to pick the perfect Garden tractor

1.     Landscape needs

Typically if the land is above 5 acres the garden tractor will come in handy. With a large deck it has the ability to mow a large area of land by a single swath.

2.     Controls

Most garden tractors have easy user controls such as the twin pedal which helps in giving the precise speed in forward and reverse. Also, finding a garden tractor with a steering wheel is a plus since choosing the best angle is an uphill task.

Go for garden tractors that you can attach an accessory to so you can use your garden tractor for other tasks other than mowing.

3.     Engine

The garden tractor engines is quite powerful. They produce a horsepower of around 23 which is great for any mowing job on the planet. Consider a Briggs and Stratton or a Kawasaki engine since these brands have a track record of being the best. A good brand example is the Brute lawn mower.

4.     Ease of use

Ease of use is one of the most important things to consider when buying a garden tractor. We already know that since it’s a heavy machine, maneuverability is compromised.

Find a garden tractor with a shaft driven deck, hydrostatic transmission and power steering which gives you precision-control while using an attachment or mowing.


Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

There are different types of Zero Turn Mowers. They include Entry Level Zero Turn Mowers, Mid-Level Zero Turn Mowers, Semi-Pro Level Zero Turn Mowers, and Commercial Zero Turn Mowers.

Zero turn lawn mowers are the best rated lawn mowers. They are mostly gasoline powered lawn mowers and are more comfortable and luxurious compared to lawn tractors. They use levers unlike other mowers that use wheels. They possess aneasy-to-grasp handling system and have higher speeds compared to lawn tractors.

To make it go forward, just push the lever forward. The same mechanism applies for when you need to reverse. To make it go faster, just keep pushing the lever forward. This is absolutely the easiest mower to navigate.

To get the best zero turn lawn mower, you have to consider your budget. If money is no object, you will definitely enjoy the best turn lawn mower on the market.

If you are working on a budget, you can try search the best zero turn lawn mower under 5000. If your budget is lower still, search for the best zero turn lawn mower under 3000.

How to pick the perfect zero turn lawn mower

When in need of a zero turn lawn mower there are factors to consider

1.     Ease of use

When buying a zero turn lawn mower consider the ease of use.  Different models will have close proximity of controls and this makes them easier to drive. Favor modelsthat have a steering wheel rather than those with levers only.

2.     Durability

One common problem that has been reported occasionally is about the transmissions. Using zero turn lawn mower on sloppy areas shortens the life span of transmissions.

Always have a look at the manufacturer’s slope rating in the machine you wish to buy this helps to understand its capabilities.

3.     What attachments are available

It is common to find that not all zero turn lawn mowers have the option of attachments so always consider what other jobs might be used with the zero turn lawn mower. The smaller mowers should pull less than 200lbs and attachments may include a vacuum, dump cart, spreader etc.

4.     Engines

The quality engine determines the application intended. Some brands use cheaper engines so as to reduce the mowers cost. To acquire the best zero turn lawn mower it is critical to look for a durable engine that can endure mowing over a large piece of land.

Since they are the top lawn mowers, their engines range around 700cc with maintenance points being available. Finding the best may be pricier but it will offer better value in the end.

5.     Controls

With easy to use controls, mowing becomes easier and efficient. A front steer wheel typically makes mowing easy since it operates like a traditional tractor. Enough leg room is an advantage since it accommodates different sized operators

6.     Comfort

As a way of improving comfort they are equipped with rubber grips and, in most cases, shock absorbers in the bar. Zero turn lawn mowers also come with a large area that serves as a leg room giving the operator the ease of getting in and out.

7.     Transmissions

When choosing a good Zero turn lawn mower, transmissions are important. The hydro gear is one of the most widely used transmissions. The benefit of having quality transmissions is because it will make maneuvering easy.

Factors to consider when picking an Entry Level Zero turn Lawn Mower

1.     Lawn Layout

A zero turn mower is bulky and needs quite some space to maneuver. If your lawn is like an obstacle course, consider a smaller deck which will easily fit in between obstacles and go on mowing.

If your lawn is an open field, the bigger is better.

  1. Deck Size

Buying an Entry Level Zero turn lawn mower should essentially depend on the size of your lawn. If you have a small to medium size lawn, you can go for the 30”-42”deck. For larger lawns, choose either the 42”-50” or the 50”-54” deck size.

The 30-42-inch deck size is perfect for lawns below an acre. The 42”-50” cover a 1-2 acre lawn and the 50”-54” deck works well with any lawn above 2 acres.

3.     Steering Options

While most Zero turn lawn mowers use throttle to navigate, it is not a must to use throttle. If you feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the throttles, consider a model with a steering wheel.

Steering wheels offer better control and do not compromise your ability to turn in a jiffy.


Factors to consider when picking a Mid-Grade Level Zero turn Lawn Mower
1.     Deck Size

The deck size determines the acreage you will cover in one round. The bigger the deck size, the less tie you will spend mowing.

Mid-grade level zero turn lawn mowers have two sizes of decks; 42”-50”, and 50”-61” decks. Good examplesare;

  • The Toro self-propelled 42-inch zero turn mower
  • The cub cadet ztr 42-inch zero turn mower
  • The cub cadet 50-inch zero turn mower
  • Husqvarna riding mower, 46-inch zero turn mower


2.     Steering Options

Some Mid-Grade Level lawn mowers have a steering wheel instead of the lap controls. If you find the lap controls taxing, opt for a model with a steering wheel.

It makes handling easier especially in challenging terrain. These mowers include John Deere zero turn mowers with steering wheel. Also, the Cub Cadet self-propelled zero turn mowers fall in the same category.

3.     Additional Features

Mid-Grade zero turn lawn mowers have some pretty awesome additional features. When buying one, look out for additional features like the 3-in-1 feature consisting of mulching, side discharging, or bagging the grass clippings.

There are also features like the 10-gauge welded deck with double plates. Look out for models with a mechanical foot pedal for raising and lowering the deck.

Factors to consider when picking a Semi-pro zero turn mower

1.     Deck Size

The Deck size is always an important factor to consider when purchasing a lawn mower. In the case of the Semi-pro zero turn lawn mower, deck sizes range from 48”-54” and 54”-66”.

The 48-54- inch deck is for lawns less than 2 acres and the 54-66-inch deck is perfect for lawns larger than 2 acres. If you have a large lawn, spring for the wider deck so you can mow larger chunks of lawn in a single trip. A good choice is the Husqvarna 54-inch zero turn mower and the cub cadet zero turn 54-inch mower

2.     Additional Features

The Semi-pro level zero turn lawn mower comes with kickass features like more comfortable seating, strategically placed and tweaked controls, more height-of-cut options, steel welded decks, and larger fuel capacity among others.

Find the options that best work for you and then shop for a semi-pro level zero turn lawn mower that covers those options.

3.     Steering Options

Typically zero turn lawn mowers come with lap controls in lieu of a steering wheel. For some of us, the lap bars are a tad difficult to work with. If you are one of us, consider getting a steering wheel.

A steering wheel is already familiar and will make your work easier without compromising on the machine’s response to prompts.

Factors to consider when pickingthe best Commercial Zero Turn Mower

1.     Size of Deck

Being the largest and most powerful lawn mowers on the planet, you must expect a sizeable deck size. These mowers are meant to mow the largest tracts of lawn but I bet you will be surprised by the deck size, 61”.

This deck size is not much larger than the one on a Semi-pro Zero turn mower. However, what it lacks in deck size is made up for in the engine power.

2.     Full Suspension

You will love this feature not only because it makes you comfortable when mowing, but also because it prolongs the life of the mower.

Full suspensions allow for easier navigation and smooth transitions around the lawn to give the most flawless result. The mower will remain in optimal condition for longer because the full suspensions prevent too much banging around especially on rough terrain.

3.     Engine Power

As earlier stated, the Commercial Zero Turn lawn mower has the most powerful engine in the lawn mowing business. It is also the fastest going up to 13 miles an hour without compromising the quality of the cut.

They feature Kawasaki or Briggs and Stratton engines which are industry-accredited as the most powerful and durable engine brands.


Rear Engine Lawn Mowers

The rear engine lawn mowers bridge the gap between walker mowers and push mowers. Rear engine riders are cheaper compared to lawn tractors and their ability to cut grass is low compared to the lawn tractors.

They cut grass slowly because their decks are narrow with a diameter which is typically around 30 inches wide.

Rear-end lawn mowers have a 1-2 feet reduction on the deck size compared to tractor mowers. This gives them a leg-up when mowing in tight spaces. The deck pivots with the axle which makes sharp turns possible and smooth.

Rear-engine lawn mowers usually work under two types of transmissions, the manual (disk-based) transmission and the automatic transmission.

The manual transmission relies on a friction disk to manually change the speed of the front wheels. It is cheaper than the automatic transmission and has less maintenance needs.

The automatic transmission is easier to use. It changes gears and speeds automatically. Even though it is pricier than the manual transmission, it is worth it.

You will love that the engine is in the rear rather than the front. This means you can breathe easy, see better, and even enjoy that the engine ranting is behind you. Additionally, rear-engine lawn mowers have a lower center of gravity which makes them more stable than their counterparts.

Space is always critical when storing mowers and the rear engine lawn mowers don’t disappoint. They are space-sensitive and can fit in tight spaces. They are also comparatively cheap with a price ranging around $1000.

How to pick the perfect Rear engine lawn mowers

1.     Engine

When choosing the best rear engine mower it is essential to consider its engine features. The most common engines are the Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki. A good engine is usually the difference between stress-free mowing and endless trips to the repair shop.

It is also advisable to be conversant with the kind of maintenance that you will need to perform. Changing the oil, unclogging the air filters and gas tubes, sharpening and replacing the blades, and doing an occasional overhaul are the main must-dos of engine maintenance.

2.     Ease of storage & Maintenance

Ease of storage is an important factor while purchasing rear engine mowers. Some are compact and can be stored standing vertically on their rear deck and wheels.  Also having a strong front axle is important for lifting it up so as to put the mower in position.

Performing the maintenance routine is easy when the rear engine mower is standing vertically. You can clean and sharpen blades andlubricate the blade attachments, wheels, and steering columns easily and without strain.

3.     Variety of methods to handle clippings

Depending on how big your lawn is, handling the grass clippings can be a daunting task. Some rear engine mowers come with attachments such as mulchers, adjustable height blades and bags to collect clippings. Others have a side discharge which spreads grass evenly.

4.     Steering and maneuvering

To get the best mowing experience from your rear mower, get one with easy steering. Especially if your lawn is challenging, a mower that is easy to control and maneuver can make the work much easier for you. Leveling the deck is important since it makes steering easy.

Who Makes the Best Zero turn Mowers?

Here is a list of the best zero turn mowers and their brands.

1.    Toro

  • Toro zero turn mower (Toro ztr)
  • Toro MX 5050
  • Toro ss4225 zero turn mower
  • Toro timecutter ss5000 zero turn mower

2.    Husqvarna

  • Husqvarna rz246 lawn mower and tractor
  • z254 husqvarna zero turn mower

3.    John Deere

  • z235 John Deere zero turn mower
  • John Deere z255 zero turn mower
  • John Deere z915b commercial zero turn mower
  • John Deere z355e residential zero turn mower
  • John Deere 425 garden tractor
  • John Deere push lawn mowers
  • John Deere self-propelled lawn mower

4.    Cub Cadet

  • Cub Cadet sc100

5.    Troy-Bilt

  • Troy-BiltTB230
  • Troy-BiltTB240
  • Troy BiltTB200
  • Troy Bilt TB130
  • Troy Bilt 21 self-propelled mower

Other brands include Swisher zero turn mowers, Electric lawn mowers lowes, Bad Boy mowers, Grasshopper zero turn lawn mower, and Ariens zero turn lawn mowers.



Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch
(Editor’s Choice)

Roll over image to zoom in
Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Kohler Hydrostatic

(Editor’s Choice)
XT1 Enduro Series LT 46 in.
(Editor’s Choice)
Time Cutter SS4225 42 in
(Editor’s Choice)
Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower, 61-Inch
(Editor’s Choice)

Below is a review of our favorite top 5 riding lawn mowers

1.    Troy-Bilt 30-Inch Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

Best designed for medium-sized landscapes since it is a riding lawn mower.It runs using the OHV troy-built engine with manual power control for speed and easy blade management. The speed is conducive to handle large terrain with the speed 4.25 MPH

A turning radius capability of 18inches makes it very easy for you to cover a wide range of area within a short span of time.It has an inbuilt 3-inch deck that features 5 adjustable sets that allow ridding flexibility and standard grass cut-offs.The rear wheels have dimensions of 16.5 x 6.5 inches for stability when riding the lawn mower.

This fuel run riding lawn mower has a holding capacity of 1.3 gallons, therefore, it can withstand a large area without running out. Try Bilt has the best warranty.

Key Features: Runs on powerful OHV troy-built engine. Has a speed of 4.25 MPH. 3inch deck with 5 adjustable sets. Fuel tank with a holding capacity of 1.3 gallons. Rear wheels with dimensions of 16.5 x 6.5 inches.

2.    Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine Riding Mower (Lt 42 In. 18 Hp)

The cub cadet lawn is a front riding mower, with a power 24HP Kohler V-twin OHV engine which is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission.It has a signature 50 in the cut which also features triple power blades deck that offer a 16-inch turning radius maximizing the radius cut.

The steering system is optimized for easy management. It features LED headlights that have extended visibility for all seasons.A push-button control system makes it easy for cruising and to set up the optimal speed for your liking.

An automated system style of 16-inch turning radius provides smooth cutting and maneuvering.There is an easy-fill gasfuel tank with sight gauge that provides a visual for the fuel level.

Cub Cadet reviews say the seats are the most comfortable.

Key Features Led headlights. 16 in turning radius capability. Equipped with a cub cadget LT50. Easy-fill 3-gallon fuel tank.

3.    XT1 Enduro Series LT 46 in. 22-HP V-Twin KOHLER Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine Riding Mower

Another modern style lawn mower. The XT1 series runs on a powerful engine via hydrostatic gas which is quite economical and allows you to cover a wide area over a short period of time.

It is equipped with 46 in, that gives you an amazing grass control and ensure the clipping are neatly cut with no stripes nor dents.

The engine is an automated start engine with a control button for easy management. This engine is set on the front side of this riding lawn mower

Key Features: Easy start system. Equipped with a 46in deck for maximum clippings control. 22 HP V-Twin  hydro-static run engines.


4. Time Cutter SS4225 42 in. 22-HP Kohler Zero-Turn Riding Mower with Smart Speed

The time cutter is a smart speed lawn mower. It has a 22 HP Kohler engine run mower.

Its engine runs on gas as it is gas powered which is very economical and runs efficiently over a large area. It has a 42 in drive that proves superior grass control

The system is automated and it’s easy to run and maneuver.

Key Features: Smart speed automated system. Runs on high speed hence can cover a wide area range within a short period of time. 42in drive with sharp blades that can cover a radius of 22 Hp.


5.    Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower, 61-Inch

The Husqvarna self-propelled is a 27 Hp Briggs and Stratton automated engine system riding mower.It has a hydrostatic gear transmission that’s easy to handle and has stable control on command.

There is three sharp blade cutting system to ensure your clippings are cut over a wide range of area with ease and in an organized manner.This mower has an inbuilt 61 inch fabricated cutting deck that allows you to cut off all sorts of tough plants in a wide area range within a short span of time.

Clipping plants are also comfortable with this mower as it has a pedal assisted cutting deck lift. Husqvarna mower reviews say this lawn mower lift gives you maximum control over everything.

Key Features: 61-inch cutting deck Automated start system Hydrostatic gear transmission. Pedal enabled cutting deck 3 blade cutting system 27 Hp Briggs and Stratton engine operators.

Where to buy parts

Many lawn mower owners are at loss about where to buy their mowers and parts.

We advise that you purchase your lawn mowers from local dealers. If you have do to it online, try the home depot. They have riding lawn mowers, electric lawn mower, home depot lawn tractors, and other types of lawn mowers. You can also try Walmart mowers, Lawn mowers for sale at Dr. Mower, Dr. Brush mowers, the mower shop, and Costco lawn mowers.

Alternatively, keep an eye out for discount or clearance sales. You may be lucky to find cheap push mowers for sale, riding lawn mower sale, or even used riding lawn mowers for sale under $500. Now that would be a deal of a lifetime!

As far as parts are concerned, you will find Craftsman lawn mower parts, Toro lawn mower parts, Murray lawn mower parts, Honda lawn mower parts,Craftsman riding mower parts, John Deere lawn mower parts, Sears lawn mower parts, Snapper lawn mower parts, Husqvarna lawn mower parts, Troy Bilt lawn mower parts, Bad Boy lawn mower parts, Hustler lawn mower parts, Dixon lawn mower parts, MTD lawn mower parts and yard machine lawn mowers, Oregon mower blades, and Poulan Pro lawn mower parts.

If you really don’t want to do yard work and you want your lawn to be immaculate, you can always searchlawn care companies near me or lawn maintenance near me to get professionals in a jiffy.


String Trimmers

String Trimmers are garden tools that are used for cutting grass and plants that are in hard to reach places. It can cut around obstructions ordown steep terrains.

String trimmers are designed with a shaft and a cutter head. In the head, there is a monofilament thread that runs from the head to the motor. The thread is manipulated by the motor and the handle to trim vegetation. It is rapidly spun around the line head.

String trimmers are safer than bladed trimmers. They are also low maintenance. With repeated use, the string wears off. Eventually it breaks off and is replaced.

Replacement can be done in any of three ways; manual feed, bump feed, and automated feed.

The manual feed requires literally tying the string after it breaks off. Bump feed requires the user to slightly banging the string trimmer against a hard surface to activate restringing. The automated restringing involves a trimmer that automatically restrings depending with the RPMs.

String trimmers typically have a single string. A single string wears out quicker. There are, however some string trimmers that are double-threaded. The double threads last longer but need more horse power.

Some strings are thicker than others. This doesn’t mean that the thicker the thread the bigger the twigs it can cut. It just means that they are more durable and pricier.

Thicker threads also require more horse power and vibrate less compared to thinner threads.

No matter how well you trim your lawn, there is need for a string trimmer. Therefore, it is better to consider getting one for yourself in order to get rid of those sneaky weeds and grass that grow in the weirdest places.

Weed wacker reviews indicate that a string trimmer is a must-have if you want an all-round flawless lawn.


Types or String Trimmers

The major categories of string trimmers fall in their source of power. There are electric string trimmers and gas-powered string trimmers.

Still under the types of string trimmers, there are curved-shaft string trimmers, split-shaft string trimmers, and straight-shaft string trimmers.

Curved-shaft string trimmers are shorter than straight-shaft string trimmers. They are lightweight and cheaper. They are ideal for light trimming around flowerbeds and hedging.

Straight-shaft string trimmers are more flexible than curves-shaft string trimmers. They have a longer shaft which is great for reaching challenging nooks and crannies. Often, straight-shaft string trimmers are double-threaded.

Split-shaft string trimmers are an advancement of the straight-shaft trimmers. They have the ability to work with blowers, pruners, and snow blowers among others.

The difference between String Trimmers, Weed Wackers, Weed Eaters and Brush Cutters

There is really no difference between a Weed Eater or Weed Wacker and a String Trimmer. A weed Eater is essentially just one of the brands of string trimmers which has been adapted to mean all string trimmers. But weed eaters or weed wackers represent the category of string trimmers that is handheld

There are walk-behind trimmers which are not referred to as weed wackers or weed eaters because they are not handheld. So in essence, the best weed wacker is the best string trimmer.

However, there is a difference between a string trimmer and a brush cutter. Although they perform the same job, brush cutters do heavy-duty trimming. They have thicker threads (read wires) and in some cases steel blades.

Electric String Trimmers

Electric String trimmers fall into two categories, the corded and the cordless.

As the name suggests, corded electric string trimmers are connected to a power source by cable and cordless electric string trimmers are fitted with rechargeable batteries.

We will explore each of the electric string trimmers individually.


Corded Electric Trimmers

Corded electric trimmers are usually plugged to a power source using a cable. They are great for small yards approximately ¼ acre. This is because the even the longest electric cord would cover an area of about a 100 feet.

The best Electric string trimmers are loved because of their stable power. Unlike their cordless counterparts, they do not impromptu run out of power and leave your trimming chores half-done.

Additionally, they do not have any emissions or noise which make them super eco-friendly and neighborhood friendly as well.

You will love how light they are since they weigh 5-10 pounds which is lightweight and can be lugged around all day.


How to pick the perfect corded electric trimmer lawn mower.

  1. Extension cord

A heavy-duty extension cord that doesn’t get damaged on exposure to high voltage or when moved around frequently.

Settle for one that has a long cord and it the cord plug has a standard size that fits most electric power extensions.

2.     Flexible Swivel Head

This feature is not present in every corded electric weed wacker. It is a special feature that allows you to turn the cutting head upside down which automatically turns your string trimmer into an edge trimmer.

Say goodbye to unkempt overgrown lawn edges that you just could not get to with your mower. String trimmers with this feature neatly cut off all the overgrown and overextended lawn to leave you with neat edges.

  1. Ease of use

You should purchase a corded electric string trimmer that is easy and safe to use. Do not forget that you are essentially dealing directly with electricity.

Always ensure the user manual is available as a guideline that will help you understand how to operate it safely.

4.     Bump String Feed or Automated String Feed

Since the string trimmer runs on well, a string, sooner or later, the string will wear off and break. Other than manually adjusting the string, there are two other options for getting fresh string on your trimmer.

Bump String Feed is a mechanism that is triggered by a slight bump on a hardened floor to produce a fresh string. This method is easy to use and does not require any manual changing.

Better still, there is the Automated String Feed. With this method, the string trimmer senses that the existing string is worn-off and automatically swaps it for a new string.

  1. Durability

Get a trimmer that is durable. Preferably have steel blades and a formidable motor system that can stand the test if time.

Steel, rust-proof blades coupled with a fiberglass shaft and a durable plastic handle will last for a long time. Steel blades also retain their sharpness for a long time.

  1. Terrain

If you intend to cover a wide area in the steep area and has lots of corners you should opt for another trimmer type, preferably the cordless.

Tentatively, you can get the curved-shaft since it maneuvers hard-to-reach places more efficiently than the straight-shaft one.

  1. Affordability

Under cost, you must consider both the initial cost of purchasing the trimmer and the day-to-day operation costs.

A good corded electric string trimmer should be cheap and also power efficient. Look out for the power voltage needed to run the trimmer versus how fast it gets the work done.

Investing in a more costly powerful motor maybe cheaper in the end.

  1. Stress-free String Change

Eventually the string on a string trimmer runs out. You will need a string trimmer that requires tool-less and stress-free installation of a new string spool.

It would also be an added advantage if you could have extra pre-wound spools in store so you don’t have your yard work unfinished because you ran out of string.


Cordless Electric Trimmers

Cordless trimmers rely on rechargeable batteries to function. They are not governed by the cord so you can trim literally anywhere on your lawn.

The best cordless weed eaters are fitted with either a Ni-cad battery or a Lithium-ion battery. Both batteries work well but the Ni-cad batteries are significantly heavier.

Since a battery operated weed eater is a tool you will be holding up for quite some time, finding the lightest battery weed eater is key to working without tiring easily.

You and the environment will love the eco-friendly nature of the battery trimmer. It is the best battery powered weed eater because it is quiet and has no gas emissions.

How to pick the best battery powered weed eater

  1. Battery

When you settle for a cordless weed trimmer consider the type of battery installed. There are Lithium-Ion batteries and Ni-cad batteries.

The Lithium-ion batteries are lighter in weight which in turn makes the cordless grass trimmer light. They also charge much faster than the Ni-cad batteries. These batteries hold-up performance even as the charge goes down.

The Ni-cad batteries are slowly being phased out. They are heavy which makes the gas weed eater heavy. Their performance declines as the battery charge runs low.

Definitely choose Lithium-ion batteries for your new cordless weed eater.

  1. Shaft Length

The best battery weed eaters are ideally supposed to help you trim hard to reach places. An extendable shaft is important to trim as close as possible or as far as possible.

Shafts come in curved and straight versions. The best cordless string trimmer is the curved shaft because it can reach round obstacles to give you the best results. However, like the Ni-cad batteries, curved-shaft battery powered weed whackers are being phased out.

  1. Multi-functional features

Some battery powered weed trimmers can be used as lawn-edge trimmers as well as string trimmers. All you have to do is it upside down and it makes a perfect lawn-edge trimmer.


Gas-powered String Trimmers

Gas-powered string trimmers are fitted with a gas engine for powering the head cutter. They are meant for large lawns and heavy-duty trimming.

Gas string trimmers are noisy and have emissions. They run mainly on 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.

2-stroke engine trimmers are smaller in size. They pack quite a punch in terms of horse power. They are also lighter and are quite flexible. You can the head upside down to trim hedges.

On the flipside, 2-stroke engines have higher fuel consumption, and have higher emissions mainly because oil has to be mixed with fuel in the lawn mower carburetor. As the fuel burns, so does the oil which adds to the emissions.

The best gas trimmers are 4-stroke engines. They have more power and can trim any hedges and twigs. 4-stroke engines do not require an oil mix which reduces their emissions and noise level.

According to various gas trimmer reviews, the best gas string trimmer balances both functionality and ease of use.

Gas powered string trimmers are divided into hand-held trimmers and wheeled trimmers.


Handheld String Trimmers

Handheld string trimmers are designed to work by hand. The user has total control over the trimmer and can use it in any position they see fit.

Handheld string trimmers fall into three main categories; Entry-level Grade Gas Handheld string trimmers, Mid-level Grade Gas Handheld string trimmers, and Commercial Grade Gas Handheld string trimmers.


Entry-Level Grade Gas Handheld String Trimmers

Entry-level grade gas handheld string trimmers are the smallest version of gas powered weed eater. They handle light trimming so they are ideal for small lawns with minimal trimming.

They are meant to run for a maximum of 2 hours per week. They don’t perform well when hedging. Just do light trimming around the lawn and walkway.

How to Pick the Perfect Entry-level Grade Gas Handheld String Trimmers

1.     Engine Type

When buying an Entry-level grade gas handheld string trimmer, consider the size of your lawn and the amount of trimming you have to do. If you only do light trimming, get a 2-stroke engine gas weed whacker. It is lighter and has enough power to give excellent results.

If you have a medium lawn and quite a bit of trimming to do, consider a 4-stroke engine. It is cleaner, has more power and is more fuel efficient. The 4-stroke engine is however heavier which makes the trimmer heavy hence difficult to work with all day.

2.     Shaft Type

Choose between a curved-shaft and a straight shaft depending on the needs of your lawn. A curved-shaft is lighter and easy to work with. A straight shaft is longer which means you can reach further than with a curved-shaft.

If you have back problems, get a straight shaft. The curved shaft tends to make you bed slightly especially if you are trimming on ground level rather than up.


Mid-level Grade Gas Handheld String Trimmers

Mid-level Grade gas handheld string trimmers are a leg-up from the entry-level trimmers. They have more advanced features and are easier to work with.

Mid-level grade gas handheld trimmers offer 4 hours of trimming perfection per week and are suitable for home lawns.

How to Pick the Perfect Mid-level Grade Gas Handheld String Trimmers

1.     Shaft Style

Select the shaft style that best works for your lawn. A small lawn with minimal trimming needs works best with a curved shaft.

If you have high shrubs or dents, it is best to buy a straight shaft so you can reach those areas easily.

2.     Engine Type

Choose between a 2-stroke engine and a 4-stroke engine.

A 2-stroke engine has more emissions and more noise. It is lighter and easier to work with for long hours.

4-stroke engines are more powerful than 2-stroke engines. They are also cleaner and more fuel efficient. However, they are also heavier and difficult to carry on an all-day job.


Commercial Grade Gas Handheld String Trimmers.

Commercial grade gas handheld string trimmers are the best lawn trimmers. They are commercial weed eaters perfect for the landscaper on the move.

These are the best gas weed eaters because they canall day, every single day. They are durable and pricey compared to the Entry and Mid-levels.


How to Pick the Perfect Commercial Grade Gas Handheld String Trimmers

1.     Engine Type

Choose between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine.

The 2-stroke engines are smaller and lighter. They perform lighter trimming. However, they use more fuel, emit more, and are noisier.

The 4-cycle weed eater engine is bigger and heavier. They perform heavy-duty trimming and are more energy effective. They also have the advantage of less emissions, less noise, and more power.

2.     Shaft Type

Choose a straight shaft, a curved shaft, or a split shaft.

A straight shaft will help you reach high places thanks to the length. The curved shaft is best for reaching around obstacles, and a split shaft is multipurpose.

You will love the split shaft because you can attach a pruner, snow thrower, and hedge trimmers among others


Wheeled Trimmers / Walk-Behind Lawn Trimmers

Wheeled string trimmers are the tractors of trimming. They handle the most hard-core trimming jobs without breaking a sweat.

Wheeled string trimmers, also called walk-behind weed eaters, run on wheels and can be easily maneuvered into any space to do any trimming as long as it is ground level.

How to Pick the Perfect Wheeled trimmers

  1. Engine

Walk-behind trimmers are mostly fitted with 4-stroke engines. This engine is strong enough to run all day. Just like a lawn mower, this trimmer starts on a recoil.

You pull the rip cord to get the engine started.

  1. Trimming Width

Wheeled trimmers cut a width of 22” at a go. With such a width, no matter how large the lawn is, you will be done in a few rounds.

  1. Wheels

Make sure you get 12-16” wheels on your trimmer. The wheels should be made of hardened plastic which means they can never be punctured as you trim.

Popular Brands of Weed Eaters

1.    Echo Weed Whacker

  1. Black And Decker Electric
  • Black+Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

3.    Husqvarna String Trimmer

4.    Murray Weed Eater

5.    Sears Weed Eater

6.    EGOST1501-S String Trimmer

7.    Featherlite Weed Eater

8.    Shindaiwa Weed Eater

9.    Worx Weed Wacker

10.  Dewalt String Trimmer

11.  Worx Grass Trimmer

12.  Honda Weed Eater

13.  Homelite Weed Wacker

14.  Poulan Pro Weed Eater

15.  Milwaukee String Trimmer

16.  Ryobi String Trimmer

17.  Toro Weed Eater

18.  Stihl String Trimmer


Where to buy String Trimmers

For the best gas string trimmers, the best electric string trimmers, and the best cordless weed eaters, consider buying from your local outlet or home depot. Home depot string trimmers are reliable because you can always get parts when you need them.

You will find Stihl Weed Eater Parts, Echo Weed Eater Parts, Homelite Weed Eater Parts, Toro Weed Eater Parts, Ryobi Weed Eater Parts, Black and Decker Weed Eater Parts, Craftsman Weed Eater Parts, and Troy Bilt Weed Eater attachments among other weed eater attachments. An example of a weed eater attachment is the weed eater leaf blower.


Brush cutters

The brush cutteris powerful equipment’s designed to clear, high grass heavy brushwood and small trees. This is due to tougher strong blades that are tough enough to brush off heavy vegetation.

Brush cutters or more powerful as compared to grass trimmers though they are almost similar. They can cut tree trunks of up to 4 inches which makes it quite different from the trimmers.

Brush Cutters come in three types; Handheld Brush cutters, Walk-Behind Brush cutters, and Tow-Behind Brush cutters.

Handheld Brush Cutters

Handheld brush cutters are ideal for clearing smaller lawns with overgrown bushes and shrubs. It is gas-powered and can feature a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine.

Depending on the intensity of work you have to do and the size of the lawn, choose the best engine for your needs. Keep in mind that a 4-stroke engine is heavier which means your brush cutter cannot be lugged around for long.

Walk-Behind Brush Cutters

Walk-behind brush cutters are ideal for larger jobs than handheld brush cutters. They are also easier to use since all you have to do is push it around.

Walk-behind brush cutters feature 4-stroke engines which is powerful, fuel efficient, and clean. There is less noise pollution and less emissions.

Tow-Behind Brush Cutters

Tow-behind brush cutters are ideal for large tracts of lawn. Attach it to a tractor and tow away. These brush cutters are capable of tackling any type of overgrowth but should be avoided in small lawns that require a gentler touch.


How to Pick the Perfect Brush Cutter

  1. Ease of operation

Always consider one that is very comfortable since most cutters are wrapped around the body to prevent accidents from happening.

Look and the handle makes since the cutter is used to cut thick branches hence if the handle is vulnerable it can easily break.

  1. Cutting blades quality

You should also look for one that has tough high- grade steel made blades.  The blades/ pines are very crucial since they make work easier and get things done effectively within a short span of time.

  1. Clipping quality

Clipping should be done in a systematic way, when purchasing a cutter look forward to one that does a thorough job and also mulches the cut-offs with this it will be much easier for you to handle the clippings since you can easily hay them or dispose ofthem.

  1. Height adjustment

Before you pick a brush cutter, always get one with a handle that can be adjusted to different heights. This will prevent you from straining your back in the process due to bending too much.

An adjustable handle also helps you reach far ends easily and you get to work on the land while at a distance with your blades which may prevent accidents from happening.

  1. Start mechanism

Cutters as initially seen they are used when cutting off long bushes and also thick trees, which makes its starting mechanism a very sensitive. You require a start system that can be controlled to protect the branches from hurting people who are around.


Top 5 Trimmer Lawn Mower Reviews

Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded
String Trimmer 21212

(Editor’s Choice)
Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT String Trimmer
(Tool Only)

(Editor’s Choice)
WORX 32-Volt GT2.0 String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower
with Tilting Head and Single Line Feed

(Editor’s Choice)
Husqvarna 967055801 Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas
String Trimmer, 25cc/324 L

(Editor’s Choice)
Tanaka TCG22EAP2SLB 2-Cycle Gas Powered
Curved Shaft String Trimmer, 21cc

(Editor’s Choice)


Below are our favorite trimmer lawn mowers

1.    Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer 21212

Green works a trimmer, lawn mower that weighs only 5.2 lbs.

This trimmer is electric run and does not take nor consume lots of power energy.

It is capable of covering a cut path of 13-inch width hence best suits small and medium-sized yard trimmings.

A long tough power cord that ensures you maneuvering is not limited due to a small length cord.

The handles are adjustable, and the line is dual with a 0.65 auto feed

Key Features: Weighs measuring 5.2lbs. A cut path capability of 13inch. Adjustable auxiliary handle. O65 dual lie auto-feed. Electric start system.

2.    Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT String Trimmer (Tool Only)

Makita is the winner of the best cordless string trimmer. It is a high speed trimming cordless weed whacker that’s gives a 7,800 RPM cutting speed.

The weight is easy to manage and not straining as it weighs 6.4lbs. It is battery run with lithium 18 V LXT lithium-ion batteries that are eco-friendly since there are no emissions released.

Its shafts are adjustable from 48-1/2″ to 56-1/2″ for maximizing the cutting width. The sides are also compact perfectly made for trimming even tiny edges.

There are 5-position pivot heads that allow adjustments to be made when trimming areas with sharp angles.

The head holding the trimming blades is able to rotate to 180 degrees and the loop handle is adjustable too so that one can cover a wide trimming area within a short time.

Key Features: Cutting speed of up to 7,800 RPM. 5- Positioned pivot heads for adjustments. A lightweight of 6.4 lbs. Its shafts can be accustomed from 48-1/2″ to 56-1/2″ for width maximization. A 180 rotating head and a modifiable loop handle. Runs on 18 V LXT lithium-ion batteries. The diameter cutting capacity 10/14 inch.

3.    WORX 32-Volt GT2.0 String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower with Tilting Head and Single Line Feed

The Worx trimmer is battery-powered. The batteries are 32V Max Lithium battery.

3-in 1 capability, since you can use the lawn for trimming, edging and mowing.

The cutting diameter is 12 inches and it’s able to convert from a trimmer to an in-line edger without changing the tools

This trimmer features a guard that allows you to space out the trimmer from important things like flowers that you do not want to get rid of.

It has an adjustable handle with 7 locking adjustments positions that allow you to set up in the right areas.

The weight is light (6.2 pounds) and dimensions are comfortable (35 x 12 x 12 inches) for one to handle and use.

It is equipped with two tiny wheels that allow you to access even most delicate angles.

Key Features: Run with 32 V max lithium batteries. 3-in 1 capability for trimming, edging and trimming. A lightweight measuring 6.2 pounds. The handle has 7 locking adjustment positions. Two tiny inbuilt wheels. A cutting diameter of 12 inches.

4.    Husqvarna 967055801 Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer, 25cc/324 L

This a strong capability trimmer running with a 4-stroke engine which is a high-speed engine.

The weight is immensely light- 17 pounds and runs on pure gas that’s eco-friendly.

Its engine is automated and one doesn’t have to get worked up trying to start or run it.

The 324l is flexible as its shaft drive straight in conjunction with the bevel gear and its adjustable loop handle

Key Features: 4-stroke engine. 17 poundslightweight. Runs on pure gas. Flexible shaft drive.

5.    Tanaka TCG22EAP2SLB 2-Cycle Gas Powered Curved Shaft String Trimmer, 21cc

The Taka trimmer is a lightweight weighing 10.1 lbs. and is run by 21.1 cc pure-fire two-stroke engines.

Its shafts can be adjusted to 54 inches hence one can adjust it to a level that makes you comfortable.

The system is modernly designed not to vibrate as you do your trimming works, consequently, you don’t get uncomfortable when using the mower.

There are 4 semi-automatic trimmers that require minimum manpower to operate and can hold 1 feet cutting line.

It is set up to start off easily due to the presence of a Walbro carburetor which features a purge bulb.  The s – start design also makes it easy to start since you don tot require a lot of pulling effort.

The fuel tank has a protective shield that protects it from wear and tear hence boosts its durability

Key Features: The trimmer weighs 10.1 lbs. Runs using the 21.1 cc pure fire two-stroke engine. Easy to operate due to presence of 4 semi-automatic trimmers. Anti-vibrating. Shafts can be adjusted to 54 inches.


If you are an avid gardener, you have most definitely heard of lawn thatch. Thatch is basically a build-up of all dead grass and roots which have not turned into manure yet. In essence, thatch takes a long time to build up and having thatch on your lawn is not exactly a bad thing.

Thatch covers the soil and the roots of the grass preventing rapid evaporation of moisture. It also provides fertilizer, nitrogen, and phosphorous from the decaying matter. Basically, having thatch and mulch saves you 20% of the cost of fertilizer for your lawn.

However, if you have too much thatch, it begins to suffocate your lawn. If you notice that you lawn is browning and thinning despite religiously applying fertilizer, you probably have a thatch problem.

Other signs of thatch problems include a spongy soft feel when you walk on the lawn and if you have dry or drying spots on your lawn despite regular watering.

To check the depth of your thatch, stick a metal rod, screw driver or knife into the lawn. Once the tip touches the group, retrieve your knife or screw driver and measure the depth of thatch from it.

Alternatively you can use a garden spoon to harvest a small portion of your lawn to check the height of your thatch. If your thatch is anywhere near 1.30 inches, you need to dethatch.

What are Dethatchers?

Dethatchers, also known as vertical cutters or verticutters, are equipmentused to remove thatch from your lawn. If you have ever tried to manually dethatch a lawn, no matter how tiny, you can attest to the genius of dethatchers.

They are fitted with vertical sling blades or fixed knives, usually 1-2 inches apart for tough grass and 5-6 inches apart for soft grass. These blades are driven through the lawn, raking up the thatch and bringing it to the surface.

Some dethatchers have adjustable blades and width which means you can not only adjust the spaces between the blades but also the length of the blade. These dethatchers are ideal because you can use the same dethatcher on different kinds of lawns.

Dethatching a lawn is a strictly once-in-a-blue-moon undertaking. Also, dethatchers tend to be expensive pieces of equipment. Wherefore, instead of buying, many people rent a dethatcher.

If your lawn is small, you can try dethatching with a rake. You can use a dethatching rake more commonly referred to as a power rake.

Other less effective methods to dethatch include the flexible spring tines usually attached to the blades of a mower.This method is not recommended since it stresses the grass and may damage your mower.

As technology gets more advanced, so do dethatchers. You can now buy handy electric, gas-powered or even towed dethatchers.

If you have a large lawn, and especially on a commercial property, a dethatcher is a must-have. Properties that have golf courses, yards for holding out-door weddings, and sports pitches need to maintain immaculate lawns.

How Dethatchers Function

Depending on how deep your thatch is, set the depth of the blades to about half an inch from the soil surface. Dethatchers’ blades are usually fixed on a horizontal shaft.

The dethatcher works by driving the blades into the depth of your thatch. The blades should ideally barely touch the soil. They then drag the thatch right out of the lawn without disturbing the grass.

Once the thatch is brought to the surface, rake it into piles and discard.


Why Dethatch your Lawn

Dethatching your lawn may not seem like a big deal but for the long-term good of your lawn, it is as essential as mowing.

Thatch is a combination of organic matter that comprises of decomposing grass, leaves rhizomes, sprouting weeds, misplaced roots, and other random plants.

Dethatching your lawn helps your grass grow quickly and healthy. This is because thatch tends to stifle growth and prevent nutrients from getting to the soil.

Your plants get an advantage of increased water levels nutrients and air that goes straight to your grassroots giving them a green healthy look. Additionally as you lawn get aerated, new grass buds can grow in the empty spaces which makes your lawn lusher.

Excess thatch is also a breeding ground for pests and diseases. Dethatching protects your lawn from diseases brought by decomposing matter. When you dethatch your lawn you get rid of other plants like moss and opportunistic weeds.

Things to Remember before Dethatching

Before dethatching, you should mow your lawn but only to an ideal length which allows you to see the thatch well. The soil should be moist but not too much. Ideally the thatch should peel right off the lawn without much hustle.

Mark the areas where you have water outlets and pipes so you don’t damage them while dethatching.

It is okay to leave a little amount of thatch for moisture retention but if you intend to reseed your lawn, remove all the thatch so the seeds can take easily.

When is the Best Time to Dethatch?

Dethatching is a delicate process that should be well-timed. Right before or during the rainy season is the best time. This is because the grass is able to recover fast and continue to grow or replace the damaged shoots.

This is also the best time to seed. Make sure it’s early enough in the season so that your grass has enough time to grow. Use a broadcast spreader or a lawn thatcher to do your seeding. You can also use aerator shoes which help to make the work easier.

If you don’t know how to seed a lawn, there are plenty of resources to teach you. Keeping your lawn pristine is the best weed killer for lawns. Dethatching is the best ant killer and the perfect way to get rids of ants permanently.

For those who rely on seasons, right at the end of autumn or beginning of spring is the best time to dethatch.


10 Best Lawn Dethatcher Reviews

Greenworks 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded
Dethatcher 27022

(Editor’s Choice)
Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E 14-Inch 11-Amp
Electric Dethatcher with Air Boost Technology

(Editor’s Choice)

Sun Joe AJ801E 12 Amp 12.6″ Electric Scarifier
Plus Lawn Dethatcher with Collection Bag

(Editor’s Choice)

Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp
Electric Lawn Mower with Grass Bag

(Editor’s Choice)
Mantis 7321 Power Tiller Aerator/Dethatcher
Combo Attachment for Gardening

(Editor’s Choice)
Mantis 5222 Power Tiller Dethatcher
Attachment for Gardening.

(Editor’s Choice)
Agri-Fab 45-0295 48-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher
(Editor’s Choice)
Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher 45-0294
(Editor’s Choice)
VonHaus 2 in 1 Lawn Dethatcher & Aerator
– 12 Amp 13″ Corded Electric with 4 Working Depths

(Editor’s Choice)
Agri-Fab 45-0472 Electric Plug-in Dethatcher
(Editor’s Choice)

1.    Greenworks 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatcher 27022

The Greenworks detacher is capable of detaching paths of 14 inches at a go. It runs on a robust 10-Amp electric motor.

The handles are padded and can be adjusted to varying lengths depending on the height of the user. There is 3-line depth adjustment levels for getting rid of matted layers.

This lawn detacher features a 50-foot cord which is long enough for small and medium lawns. It is equipped with a cord lock for securing the cord to the socket so that it doesn’t detach as you move around.

The tines are made of stainless steel which makes them durable and rust-proof.

Key Features: Cord lock for holding extension. Robust 10 Amp power motor. Padded adjustable handles. Easy to use. 3 line depth adjustment levels. Stainless steel tines. Bale switch.

2.    Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe AJ800E 14-Inch 11-Amp Electric Dethatcher with Air Boost Technology

Runs on a powerful 11-amp motor electric run. This dethatcher is capable of detaching paths of 14 inches wide for quick results. It is fitted with 24 spring steel lines that maximize its performance and dethatching action.

Easy to start as it features an automated start button. It also has a 5-depth control knob that allows you to set the level of depth you want for your lawn.

Key Features: 14-inch path dethatching capability. 5 depth control knobs. 24 spring tines. 11 Amp electric run motor. Easy to start using the start push button.

3.    Sun Joe AJ801E 12 Amp 12.6″ Electric Scarifier Plus Lawn Dethatcher with Collection Bag

The sun Joe AJ801E is equipped with a 12.6-Amp electric motor. It dethatches a width of 12.6 inches to get the job done quick and easy.

Additionally, it is equipped with a scarifier that allows you to cut up to the grassroots.Spring steel tines with air boost technology give you optimal dethatching.

This detacher features an instant start system equipped with a push button that allows you to instantly start the lawn.

For depth control, a knob with 5 position depth controls determines raking depths of -0.4 in. (10 mm below the soil) to 0.4 in. (10 mm above the soil).

Key Features: 6 Amp that’s electric power run. Rakes a width of 12.6 inches. Scarifier suction for cutting even the roots. 5 depth adjustment knobs. Instant push-button start. Air boost technology. Spring steel tines.

4.    Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower with Grass Bag

The MJ401E is an electric dethatcher that features a 12-amp motor.

The maximum area covered is a 14-inch wide path. This is quite sizeable especially if your lawn is not large.It comes with 3 adjustable cutting-height controls that allow you to pick up thatch easily and efficiently.

The Sun Joe MJ401E has a detachable grass catcher which makes it easy for you to collect and dispose of the clippings and thatch.

It is easy to use and start. Starting is as simple as pushing a button.

Key Features: Cut off path of 14 inches. 12 Amp motor which is electric run. 3 cutting heights control. Detachable grass catcher. Automated push button.

5.    Mantis 7321 Power Tiller Aerator/Dethatcher Combo Attachment for Gardening

The Mantis 7321 dethatcher has 4 sets of tempered steel blades, with 60 spring-steel picks.

It is able to detach a 15-inch path in a single round.

This dethatcher has an aerator that’s able to uprootunwanted plants from the roots.

Key Features: 4 sets of tempered steel blades. 60 spring steel picks. Capable of raking a 15-inch path. It has an aerator set up.

6.    Mantis 5222 Power Tiller Dethatcher Attachment for Gardening

The Mantis 5222 is able to dethatch a width of 15 inches at a go. This means less rounds and less time spent dethatching. It has 60 string flexible spring steels that work effectively when picking and thatching debris.

This is fitted with a turf rake attachment with an amp that is electric. It weighs 14.5 pounds which is quite a fair for maneuvering around.

Key Features: 60 spring sheets of steel. Weighs 14.5 pounds. Works on a path of 15 inches at a go. Electric powerered.

7.    Agri-Fab 45-0295 48-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher

The Agri-fab 45-0295 is a simplistic dethatcher. It is equipped with a cantilever transport handle for easy raising and lowering.

There are 24 spring tines that are tough and durable and facilitate easy picking and dethatching of thatch anddebris.

It features a 48-inch tray that holds up to 70 pounds of clippings. Operating it is easy thanks to the cantilever transport handle that makes adjustments easy and does not require a lot of manpower.

The tires have dimensions of 7 x 1.5 and semi-pneumatic which allow swift and easy maneuvering.This dethatcher has a heavy gauge which is durable meant for working on challenging lawns.

Key Features: A 48-inch tray with a 70 lbs. holding capacity. 24 spring tines. Tires with dimensions of 7 x1.5 semi-pneumatic. Fitted with a cantilever transport handle.

8.    Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher 45-0294

The Agri-fab 40-inch tine tow is an easy to use gadget equipped with cantilever transport handle that makes its transport easy.It has 20 durable spring tines that work are perfect for thawing and picking up offcuts.

The semi-pneumatic wheels with a diameter of 7 inches give the dethatcher stability when dethatching. The springs are durable and remain sharp for long since they are made of strong stainless steel that is also rust-proof.

Key Features: 2 seven inch pneumatic wheels 20 durable spring tines. Replaceable spring –tines Transport handle

9.    VonHaus 2 in 1 Lawn Dethatcher & Aerator – 12 Amp 13″ Corded Electric with 4 Working Depths

The VonHaus is a 2-in-1 corded dethatcher and also features an aerator quality which makes it effective and convenient for mowing.

It has a working width of 13 inches, which come alongside 4 adjustable working depths. It also has a 16-inch power cord.

This dethatcher is electric with a 12Amp/ 1500W motor that is easy thanks to a safety button.The handle heights can be adjusted for flexibility.

The collection bag is spacious enough carry 40L capacity. It is detachable which makes it easier for one to dispose of clippings and mulch.

There are scarifying rollers included for multi-purpose reasons.

Key Features: 4 adjustable working depths. 13-inch working width. 16-inch long power cord. Detachable Collecting bag with a holding capacity of 40l. Powerful rollers run by 12 Amp / 1500 W motors. Safe automatic start switch.

10. Agri-Fab 45-0472 Electric Plug-in Dethatcher

The Agri-fab 45-0472 is a 6-amp motor power run dethatcher.It comes with a power cord that is plugged into an energy source to keep the dethatcher running.

The handles are cushioned for a comfortable grip on your hands. They are also adjustable to different heights for comfort so you don’t strain your back.

It has two tough wheels that enhance the maneuvering and stability when mowing.

Key Features: Power plug-in dethatcher. Runs on a 6-amp power motor. 2 tough wheels for stability and durability. Comes with a power cord for power connection. Handles can be adjusted to suit desired height.


Top Mower Brands


Greenworks is a tool manufacturing company operating under the parent company, Globe Tools Group. They produce high-end gardening tools that are world renowned for being top-notch quality and durable.Greenworks is arguably at the top of our lawn mower ratings.

The manufacturing process is primarily done in Zhonglou in Changlou, China. The USA headquarters are in North Carolina and the Europe head office is in Koln, Germany.

Customers have nothing but nice things to say about the Greenworks tools. In fact, only 15% of all the sales made have needed repairs before the warranty lapsed. Customer support is responsive and all the complaints made are always promptly attended to.

Among the top Greenworks lawn mowers are:

  • Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower 25302
  • Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer 21212
  • Greenworks 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatcher 27022
  • Greenworks 25302
  • Greenworks 25022 12 amp corded 20-inch lawn mower
  • Greenworks 25022



Honda has been producing incredible motor engines since 1959. It is the world’s largest producer of internal combustion engines.

Its specialty in producing cars and engines gives Honda a special leg-up when producing gardening tools that run on engines.Users of the Honda products report reliability and durability with a wealth of customer support and genuine spare parts.

Our favorite Honda gardening tool is:

  • Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Gas 21 in. 4-in-1 Versamow System Lawn Mower with Clip Director and MicroCut Blades 660250
  • HondaHRR216K9VKA
  • Honda HRX217
  • Honda HRX217HYA
  • Honda HRX217VKA
  • Honda HRR216K9VKA
  • Honda HRX217K5VKA
  • Honda HRX
  • Honda HRR2169VLA
  • Honda GCV160 lawn mower
  • Honda HRX2175VYA
  • Honda HRX 217
  • Honda HRR216



EGO is a relatively new company based in Geneva, Illinois. It has been in operation for approximately a decade.

EGO’s goal is to provide cordless gardening equipment that work like gas-powered equipment without the harmful emissions and noise pollution.

Users report reliable performance and durability from EGO mowers. Our favorite EGO product is:

  • EGO POWER+ Mower Lawn Mower with 7.5Ah battery and Rapid Charger
  • EGO LM2101



Husqvarna group is an electronic manufacturing company based in Stockholm, Sweden. They are famous for their high-quality outdoor gardening equipment including mowers, tractors, trimmers, and weed cutters among others.

Husqvarna was initially a shotgun company which had been making guns for over 300 years. In 1989, Husqvarna made their last gun and concentrated on other motor equipment.

Husqvarna lawn mowers have a reputation for being heavy-duty, durable and reliable. Here are our favorite Husqvarna products:

  • Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Zero Turn Mower, 61-Inch
  • Husqvarna HU725AWD
  • Husqvarna 967055801 Straight Shaft 4-Stroke Gas String Trimmer, 25cc/324 L


American Lawn Mower Company

The American Lawn Mower Company has been in the mower business for the past 120 years. Such a history means that they know all about what the customer needs as far as mowers are concerned.

American Lawn Mower Company owns Earthwise and Zombi Power Tools. Earthwise is a company that promotes the use of equipment and products that don’t pollute the environment.

Wherefore, all American Lawn Mower Company products are made in an eco-friendly way to minimize harmful emissions as much as possible.

Lawn mower reviews rate the American Lawn Mower Company as one of the most responsible in terms of the environment.

Our favorite product from American Lawn Mower Company is;

  • Zombi 15″ 58-Volt 4ah Lithium String Trimmer



Maintaining a pristine lawn is no easy task, but it is a necessary one. Lawns need different specialized tools to perform the different maintenance routines. We have covered every single tool you could ever need to keep your yard neat and appealing.

Consumer reports on lawn mowers indicated that they are getting easier to work with and more effective both as mowers and fuel consumers.

Depending on the kind of yard you have and whether it is on a home or commercial property, you can always find tools that cater to your kind of yard. Always keep in mind the kind of grass you have. Doing everything right for the wrong type of grass can be an exercise in futility.