Top Rated And Best Selling Electric Corded String Trimmer Reviews

We all have an idea of what the best Electric Corded String Trimmer is. It is therefore not possible to point out one single type and name it as the best. The wisest idea is to take up a few, compare their different features and choose the best from there.

To make it easier for you to choose the right string trimmer, it is possible to group them into 2 categories. You can either group them as the top-rated electric string trimmers or the best-selling electric string trimmers. Below are a few examples to choose from.


Greenworks-13-Inch Corded-Trimmer-
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Black &Decker-ST4500-12-Inch-Electric-Trimmer
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20v Lithium Trimmer/Edger, 12”

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1.  Greenworks-13-Inch-Corded-Trimmer-

Greenworks-13-inch-corded-trimmer is a dependable 4-Amp Electric Motor. It is designed as a grass trimmer for long grass and weeds. It is fitted with a 13” cutting path that features an auto line advancement system that replenishes worn line when needed.

This trimmer has been highly rated among the best string trimmer reviews because of its stress-free Auto Line Feed. It uses ordinary .065 inches diameter trimmer line and includes a bonus replacement line spool.

This is one of the best weed trimmers since it has an ergonomically designed handle. It also features an adjusting telescoping shaft to accommodate operator’s height. It also has an integrated cord loch that prevents cord from disconnecting and comes with a 4-year warranty.

2.   BLACK-DECKER-GH900-6-5-Amp-Trimmer

This is another one of the Black and Decker string trimmers that have found its way among the best-rated string trimmers. This lightweight handy aide is ideal for people who have challenges down edging devoid of scalping the lawn.

This electric grass trimmer is fitted with a two in one handy wheel guide for perfectly edged flower beds or walkways. This handy little aide is ideal for those in need of a professional looking down the edge with no brown burn spots.

Black-Decker-GH90 Amp Trimmer has found its way in the best weed trimmer reviews because of its auto string feed system that ensures continual work. It is also a must-have because of its lightweight and adjustable handle and height.

3.  Toro-51480-14-Inch-Electric-Trimmer

The Toro 51480 electric weed trimmer and edger have been rated as among the top weed eater and it cuts at a 14” width. This simple but dependable push weed eater is able to convert to an edger with a single push of a button. This gives all your walkways and landscape beds a professional finish.

Unlike other Gas weed eaters, this Toro string trimmer is fitted with a rust-free aluminum shaft that keeps your machine free from rust for many years. It can also be said to be a string trimmer mower since it has an adjustable assist handle and a telescoping shaft for extended reach.

Toro 51480 14-inch electric trimmer is fitted with a high torque transmission and a 6.5 amp motor that provides maximum and smooth performance. The auto string feed structure ensures continual and stress-free work.

4.  BLACK-DECKER-MTE912-Extension-Power cord

Black Decker MTE912 electric 3-1 trimmer has also been rated as one of the best string trimmer mowers in the market. It features an AFS automatic feed system which ensures continual work devoid of bumping or frequent stops. It has a gear drive transmission that prevents bogging down.

This is one of the best lawn trimmers because of the 6.6-Amp motor that provides maximum performance. It can be said to be a wheeled string trimmer with an easy conversion wheeled edging. However, this electric trimmer is not packaged with an extension power cord.

5.  BLACK-DECKER-GH3000-Performance-Electric

The Black and Decker 14” curved-shaft string trimmer is perfect for trimming the toughest grass, weeds, and overgrowth. It has a swift latch release that makes it easy to convert the trimmer to an edger. It’s ergonomic design that offers a pivoting hand and an adjustable height makes it best commercial electric trimmer.

It has a wheeled guide that provides exact edging for your lawn and a single 14-inch cut path and 80-inch line that provides faster results. This unique grass trimmer makes your stay at home comfortable and enjoyable.

6.  Black &Decker-ST4500-12-Inch-Electric-Trimmer

This Black and Decker string trimmer is equipped with a 3.5 amp motor which is ideal for trimming grass, weeds, and overgrowth. Its 12” cut path with a bump-feed spool gets things done fast. black and Decker have stood out for a year as the best manufacturers of the best Black and Decker weed wacker as well as Black and Decker electric weed eater.

This Black and Decker electric trimmer is ideal for both trimming grass in hard-to-reach places and post-mowing maintenance edging. It weighs 4.0 pounds and comes with a two-year warranty.

7.  Earthwise-ST00115-15-Inch-Electric-Trimmer

Earthwise ST00115 15 inch 5-Amp Electric String Trimmer comes with a rubber over-molded handle which provides a comfortable grip to the user. It has a flip-down edge guard that makes it an ideal choice for all homeowners.

Its three-position cutting head and 15 inches width make it among the best string trimmers with an automatic dual-line feed. It is easy to operate with its auxiliary handle and adjustable length.

8. BLACK-DECKER-ST8600-String-Trimmer

This is one of the best electric string trimmers available in the market. It has been designed to cut through the toughest grass, weeds, and overgrowth. It is fitted with a power drive transmission and a 5.0 amp motor.

Black and Decker ST8600 String Trimmer can be operated as a walk behind string trimmer. It has a pivoting handle position and an adjustable height. It gives perfect results due to the installed edge guide that provides precise edging.


This grass trimmer easily switches from an edger to a trimmer and vice versa. This is made possible by the available rotating head which also allows conversion of the cutting path for extended running time.

The Worx string trimmer is fitted with an ergonomic handle which you maximum and comfortable control. This trimmer also features a folding spacer that makes it ideal for use in areas where there are flowers and ornamental landscape.

10.  BLACK+DECKER LST 300 20v Lithium Trimmer/Edger, 12”

This is a 20 volts Max Lithium string trimmer with gear drive transmission that helps it maintain Constant Speed. It is advantageous using this trimmer because it doesn’t slow down during trimming and is equipped with an Automatic Feeding system improvement.

This is a perfect trimmer because it minimizes overfeeding and it is easier to load with a spool adjustable handle. It can be used as a battery trimmer since it an Ah Battery and a 4-hour charger. The battery is replaceable as well as the Spool.

It is, however, to always remember that trimmers are not intended to cut your whole lawn although it is possible. It is advisable to look for a better and bigger machine for that purpose. There are different models of electric trimmers some of which are: DeWalt string trimmer, troy bilt string trimmer, Milwaukee string trimmers and many more.



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Top Rated And Best Selling Electric Corded String Trimmer Reviews
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